Are you definitely curious about the robust development of the Vietnam economy in recent years? Undeniably, the hair industry has made a great contribution to this prosperity with a collection of remy hair extensions hairstyles as prevalence. Of this, Remy hair extension tape in is little by little an emerging trend for the clients all over the globe. If you desire to become another perfect version of yourself, the entire information in this article will give you a hand! Let’s follow! 


Remy hair extension tape in

  1. A brief overview about Remy hair extension tape in

Remy hair extensions were born with its mission to become more gorgeous and attractive which can improve hair shortcomings. Accordingly, Remy hair extension tape in has become the best seller in the hair market, besides other remy hair extension hairstyles! 


What is Remy hair extension tape in?

1.1 The explanation of Remy hair extension tape in 

Remy hair extension tape in hair style  is famous for its authenticity which is 100% of human hair. With the special design and master technology, Remy hair extension tape in has become a must- do item for being a thicker and natural hair. The long durability of Remy hair extension tape in thanks to partly the origin and intact process. In other words, to process Remy hair extension tape in, there are not any chemicals as well as mix. 

1.2 The origin of Remy hair extension tape in 

Wholesale Remy hair extension tape in distributors Vietnam used to collect hair from Vietnamese women at the tender age of 18 to 34, who resided in the mountainous area. With the cold climate all year round, their hair is out of sunlight. Apart from that, the native women have to work hard at the field day by day, which expresses their strength, health, and hair as well. In addition, Vietnamese hair donors are utilized for some kinds of human hair extensions, including virgin, Remy, and non- Remy for those who feel interested in both Remy hair extension tape- in or even Remy hair extension clip- in, etc. 


Remy hair extension collected by Vietnamese donors

1.3 The characteristics of Remy hair extension tape in 

Remy hair extension tape in  has gained the popularity of the hair market thanks to an array of benefits . Below are the full description: 

    • A hassle- free application:As per the above-mentioned information, Remy hair extensions tape in is produced in meticulous and master skills. The users can apply the tape directly to their hair without the need of the salon. They can also be put off for maintenance and cleanliness- an easy way to improve daily beauty, compared to Remy hair extensions sew in or some complicated one! 
    • A healthy and safe Remy hair extension tape in: If remy hair extension weft is applied with using the certain heat level, remy hair extension tape in becomes safe for the no pressure of temperature. 
    • Natural looking: For any clients, purchasing Remy hair extension tape in wants them to look as natural as possible. That’s the point of them, this is entirely possible because the hair comes in thin strands with invisible tape during usage. 
    • Simple to remove: Remy hair extension tape in is a free way to apply, but it is a breeze to put off as well. The most important attention may keep it not too aggressive due to its damage to strands and tapes.
    • Best extensions for thin hair: The trendy Remy hair extension tape in is partly based on its pros. This hairstyle is a perfect solution for people who have extremely thin and fine hair. 

The pros of Remy hair extension tape in

Of course, the consumers need to bear in mind the minor cons of Remy hair extension tape in during usage beforehand: 

  • A time- consuming wait: It takes 1day to 2 days to dry the tapes. More importantly, the clients absolutely avoid washing hair or sweating as well. 
  • Limitation for restyling: According to hair experts, the clients find it difficult to tie up the entire hair . 
  • Not much certainty: In case the users do not apply correctly, Remy hair extension tape in tend to fall out. That is the reason the consumers need to consult the following contents for a proper application. 

The cons of Remy hair extension tape in

1.4. Giving the sound advice for Remy hair extension tape in hair care 

Of course, a suitable hair care can leverage the duration of Remy hair extension tape in. We offer some sound tips for caring Remy hair extension tape in  as follow: 


How to wear Remy hair extension correctly

  • Putting off before bedtime: It is recommended to put off Remy hair extension tape in for the sake of flowing texture. If not, the clients could prepare a silk or satin pillow during this time to prevent dryness, and both tagging. 
  • Use the great lengths connector tool: The more the users touch the adhesive tabs, the more oil from the fingers can break down the adhesive again. Squeeze the tab a few lines, then squeeze both edges of the tapes to make sure a totally sealed bond that will keep moisture and water out during application. 
  • Avoid using comb or brush Remy hair extension tape in in case it is totally wet: In order to keep shape, the clierns please brush downward motion until the end of Remy hair extension tape. Take care of Remy hair extension tape in safely for the best long duration as possible. 

In a nutshell: The portable design for a temporary solution is a must- have item for the clients desire to have thicker and shiny hair. 


Some attention for a perfect Remy hair extension tape in

  1. The distinctive market for Remy hair extension tape in? 

For any corporation, building up the target market consumption plays a vital role for a long- term development. The list below expresses three dominant wholesale hair vendors which universally gained the reputation in the whole hair industry. Let’s check out!  

2.1 Vietnamese Remy hair extension tape in distributors

The human hair extensions vendors in Vietnam with many experiences are listed on the top- high ranking hair distributors all over the globe. Probably, thanks to the right guidance of leaders, in tandem with the consensus of the labor force for a developing market, even expanding its range to the whole countries and territories! 


2.1.Vietnamese Remy hair extension tape in distributors

2.2 Indian Remy hair extension tape in distributors

With the origin of temple hairs from shaving head, Remy hair extension India vendors lay down a concrete foundation for Remy hair extensions hairstyles, of this, Remy hair extension tape in seems to be a remarkable product as its convenience and long duration, which could make the requirement of different customer segments.


Indian Remy hair extension tape in distributors

2.3  Chinese Remy hair extension tape in distributors

Compared to others, Chinese factories always make full use of rich hair sources for their products. Even with a bulk purchase, this vendor is willing to supply sufficient products and bring the best satisfaction. 


Chinese Remy hair extension tape in distributors

  1. Top 5 Remy hair extension tape in vendors in Vietnam ?

Of course, there are  always concerns for deciding the most reliable wholesale remy hair extension tape in for business trading for the clients! We are recommending top 5 respectable remy hair extension tape in vendors in this country as recommendations: 

3.1 K- hair Factory 

“Quality is King. Buyer is the center focus. Respect professional punctual”- a slogan that has been associated with the prosperity of K- hair factory Vietnam for decades. Established in 1992,with a 30 concrete foundation, K-hair Vietnam has been one of the best performing in the hair industry worldwide with a multiple remarkable achievement. With its unique advantages, K- hair factory Vietnam step by step conquers the belief of the users thanks to its reputation. Don’t hesitate to contact K- hair website for more information! 


K- hair Factory

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

3.2 5S Hair Vietnam 

5S was the first hair factory in Vietnam in 1989 and listed as the premier hair factory in this country. From the beginning, 5S is well placed to take advantage of the advanced technology for its growth. 5S is also a royal partner of European markets, such as Brazil, Russia, United Kingdom, United States… 


5S Hair Vietnam

  • Whatsapp: +84855555348

3.3 Raw Hair Vietnam Company

Another ideal option for importing Remy hair extension tape in from Vietnam is Raw Hair Company- one of the largest Vietnam human hair extension distributors with over twenty years experience in the hair industry. The reason for its choosing is quality guarantee from the guideline of Raw Hair, along with a trusted supplier and global shipping policy. This seems to be a worth- considering for importing hair sources. Let’s bear in mind! 


Raw Hair Vietnam Company

  • Phone: +84 982971092
  • Email:
  • Open time: 8:00- 17:00 ( GMT+7)

3.4 Mic Hair Company

Mic Hair gets the attraction of the users with a variety of products with an affordable cost. The input hair source of Mic Hair tends to be gathered from healthy and young donors, Vietnamese and Cambodian women with good as well as competitive quality. For those who are seeking a reliable wholesale Remy hair extension tape in vendors, Mic Hair isn’t a bad choice! 


Mic Hair Company

  • Phone: +84 962279910
  • Email:

3.5 Queen Hair Company 

Along a range of top- notch remy hair extension tape from vendors in Vietnam, Queen Hair Company is also a famous brand in this field with more than 200 workforce, combined with 100 pcs monthly capacity. Plus, Queen Hair Factory takes pride in itself for serving over 10, 000 customers in different countries and territories. Belows are its contact information: 


Queen Hair Company

  • Phone: +84 982971092
  • Whatsapp: 8482343468

  1. The useful ways of importing Remy hair extension tape in from Vietnam  ?

With the robust development in modern age, it is likely straightforward to contact any corporations or organization for business activities, right? We are also offering two dominant methods for contacting Vietnamese factories! 

4.1 Contact the wholesale factory manager. 

Please contact the workforce from respectable wholesale hair vendors for the best details for starting up a hair trading or importing hair from Vietnam. Surely, you found a reliable brand for unique and first- rate remy hair extensions from remy hair extension tape in, remy hair extension clip in, ect.  


Contact information of manager

4.2 Trading through the official website of K-hair Vietnam. 

K-hair Vietnam factory is well- placed to take advantage of vigorous promoting of technology for decades. That is the reason the clients can get any authentic information from its website, including ordering a bulk purchase. The first thing to do is inform the staff of K- hair Vietnam which hairstyles do you wish to order and then follow these steps:


Trading through the official website of K-hair Vietnam.


  • Don’t forget to: 
  • Check the invoice bill that was delivered by the K-hair factory in Vietnam.
  • Make full payment or make half deposit payment, dependently.
  •   Check again before paying the rest or recheck the order. 

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