Are you seeking out a wholesale Remy hair extension that could demand 4 common  criteria, in terms of cost, product standards, delivery and diversity as well? If you do, this following content about Remy hair extensions India is absolutely here for you! Let’s disclose the compelling reasons for this truth, according to hair profes! 


Remy hair extensions India products

I. The general point of Remy hair extensions India factory ?

The first and foremost step for comprehension information is likely to have a deeper understanding. In this sense, Remy hair extensions India- the products are manufactured generally.  Thus, the definition of Remy hair extensions India are put on the below: 

  1. What is Remy hair extensions India particularly, and both  in general?

As the customer’s knowledge, Remy hair extensions originated from totally human hair for the sake of beauty improvement, through advanced technology and master techniques. For factories, Remy hair extensions India are gathered from the Great temples mostly in Tirumala- a location based on Southeastern India which possesses a large number of Hindu temples. This temple hairs are known as the virgin hair, without chemicals, in tandem with unprocessed. 


Remy hair extensions India from temple hairs

 In this Indian culture, head shaving has been a must- do ritual for thousands of years for the sake of luck and their wishes. The temple hairs then are collected by the Indian women for making a living  each and everyday with tons of consumption. As such, Indian virgin hair is considered a high- quality product with distributed cuticle alignments for dying or bleaching in Remy hair extensions India distributors.

2. The labor force of Remy hair extensions India factories? 

Compared to other South Asia countries, such as Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, etc, India is a developing country that is gradually improving the equal rights of citizens. In other words, Indian women always take charge of low-cost employment at home. According to its culture, the Indian man is in charge of becoming a breadwinner in their family. Whereas, the women just take care of their children, along with doing the additional work like hair work. The density of population in this country makes a great contribution to labor needs for Remy hair extensions India factories. This way is not only solving the employment problems, combined with raising living standards for the Indian. 


The workforce for Remy hair extensions India factories

  1. The techniques of Remy hair extensions India manufacturers? 

It is undeniable that it is a time-consuming process for Remy hair extensions India, or even in any factory in the world. Besides manual and traditional technology, Remy hair extensions India always pledges to bring the most superior hair products to consumers in spite of hard work for a range of hairstyles: such as Remy hair extensions Halo, Remy hair extensions weft, Remy hair extensions ponytail, etc. 


The techniques for Remy hair extension India factories

The temple hairs are then collected, they are dried in natural sunlight, without any heat technique for staying healthy with cuticles intact. Three steps hot water wash for  Remy hair extensions India is taken into account for purity. Apart from that, specialized shampoo and conditioner based on herbs and organic seeds. With these meticulous methods,  Remy hair extensions India factories are able to control the stock, and also supervise the hair sources to produce  Remy hair extensions India at appropriate costs and on schedule as well.

II. Which Remy hair extensions India factory is distributing ?

Along with the robust development of the hair industry, Remy hair extensions India tends to expand its range and diversity for the demands of consumers. Essentially, Remy hair extensions India must update the hairstyles all the time. For convenience of buyers, Remy hair extensions India also categorizes the hair products as to the quality products and hairstyles.

  • The category of Remy hair extensions India  is supplying? 

It is better to make it clear among these different hairstyles of Remy hair extension India. The origin of Remy hair extensions India from sources have an effect on sales of Indian corporations. We have listed some kind of prevalent hair in the following contents. Please, pay attention to them carefully for sound decisions! 


Remy Hair extension India weft and wig

  • Wigs-  a Remy hair extensions India is also known as hair extensions. A set of wigs is often included 1 closure/ frontal, combined with 3 bundles for consumers. These hair styles tend to suit bald hair because of its full covering. Accordingly, Remy hair extensions India wigs  can cause uncomfortability for such a long time. 
  • Remy hair extensions India  weft: of course- a Remy hair extension India product of human hair with a feature of long hair that is used to stick directly to the user’s head for long duration and convenience much more. As you can see, in the Nigerian market, they tend to make fully use of Remy hair extension India weft for beauty improvement. The reason is thanks to its convenience and affordable prices. Plus, this Indian hairstyle has long durability for such a long time that it is considered suitable for Nigeria’s tastes. 

Remy Hair Extension Hairstyles

  • Remy hair extensions India clip in: of course, Remy hair extensions clip in generally and Remy hair extension India particularly- a temporary solution for beauty improvement that gained popularity in the hair market. Whatever the clients need to purchase this Remy hair extension clip in India and follow recommended steps for applying. You are absolutely turning into another for this hairstyle.  
  • Remy hair extensions India tape- in: Similarly, this tape in hair products is also well placed for the customer’s hair to become thicker and shiny for hassle-free application. An ideal option for buyers, among other Remy hair extension India with Remy hair extension tape-in. Let’s be considerate! 
  • Remy hair extensions India closure/ frontal:  This Remy Indian hair style is a  pivotal part combined with a perfect Remy hair extensions India wigs or Remy hair extensions India weft. These hairstyles are also used  to cover bald heads for a long- term period.
  • Remy hair extensions India ponytail: this is the top choice for making beauty intact for the client’s hair, and even more gorgeous and flowing. More notably, they can be sporty and stronger than any kinds of Remy hair extensions India hair style! 

III. Top wholesale Remy hair extensions India known in the world?

In modern times, the consumption of Remy hair extension India continues the upward trends all around the world. Understandably, the wholesale Remy hair extension clip tends to expand their quantities. Taking them into consideration before finding the reliable Remy hair extension clip in vendors is a vital step for anyone whether you are a vendor or a reseller. Here are 5 respetable wholesale Remy hair extension India distributors, apart from Remy hair extension India you could bear in mind! 

  1. CHENNAI HAIR FACTORY- The largest Remy hair extension India. 

Established in 2012, with nearly a decade of experience, Chennai Hair Factory committed to offering the best conditions for Remy hair extensions India with a variety of hair extensions that comes with intact cuticles following its guideline:quality- oriented products, experienced profes, on- time delivery, etc. Plus, their hair products are available in several styles, such as: wave, deep, curly, straight, kinky, curly and much more. As a primary human hair distributor in India- their mission in strategy guidelines is to boost the confidence of the consumers. 



Contact information: 

  • Hotline: +91-7397008800
  1. HAIR EXIM- Remy hair extension India directly comes from temples in The South Areas. 

The clients seem to see the logo of Hair Exim in terms of payment method :”We now accept Paypal ” as an attractive feature about this brand, whereas most of the other suppliers do not. Don’t hesitate to figure out this difference if you are absolutely curious. More importantly, the road map of Hair Exim starts with their mission, which is durability- a core principle for operation and the standard for processings as well as resolution. 



Contact information: 

  • Email:,
  • Whatsapp Me: +91 9941366664
  1. FAYUAN HAIR- an experienced Remy hair extensions India. 

The typical Fayuan Remy hair extension India is particularly suitable for those who have thin hair or hair loss symptoms. The performance of Fayuan Remy hair extension factory has attained or even surpassed the industrialization merchandise results standard. Compared to regular remy hair extensions, the hair products of FAYUAN HAIR assist the lady in making their hair styles every morning. 



Contact information at: 

  • Whatsapp Ben: 86-18620536209
  • Instagram: fayuanhumanhair 

  1. DHWARAK INDIAN HAIR FACTORY- a leading Remy hair extension India and hair manufacturer.

Dhawarak is known as the supplier to get Indian Temple hair for either wholesale or distribution. They have diverse product offerings ranging from hair weaves. With the purpose of supplying manual processing to be able to preserve the hair of the clients to be natural, shiny and texture for a healthy and gorgeous beauty. 



   For more information: 

  • Email:
  • Hotline: +91 9884 999828
  1. INDIAN HAIR GIANT- top Remy hair extensions India from the Raw Indian hair. 

Indian Hair Giant becomes one of the largest Remy Hair Extension Indian with 4000 square feet located in South of India, close to Indian temples where we source the raw Indian hair in bulk. Besides, as soon as the customers put the order in their basket, they would be received on the next day- a high- speed delivery of Indian Hair Giant. As you can see, Indian Hair Giant utilized effectively the development of technological sites for its operation, which creates a huge number of lucrative revenues! 



Contact information: 

  • Hotline: 00917305308845

IV. How to identify the SCAM signs? 

SCAM is an imperative issue which poses a high risk on virtual social platforms. Nowadays, SCAM has a tendency to be contacting representatives of the functional agencies, like the government. Besides scam abuse for personal purposes, some pretend to be from a business: tech company, charity asking for donations, and so on. Particularly, they utilize the technology to transform the phone number of users to pay money or require from one of the organizations. 


What is Scam?

As you can see, in general Remy hair extension India has affordable prices with a range of different merchandises for supplying the hair source for wholesale hair in Vietnam, Chinese hair suppliers, or  neighboring countries. Bear in mind for choosing a respectable Remy hair extension for its performance and its budget! 



Aside from, users could be alert with a SCAMMER when it is offering you  a PROBLEM and FREE PRIZE. Scammers can force you to face the trouble with money, own a ton of money or even there is a virus risk on your computer as well. Even if they could inform customers for ordering bulky hair orders without payment.  Many ways of SCAMMING make users confused so much, in case the clients are gullible, they will lose a required amount of money. In the hair industry, the consumers make sure they order from reliable salesmen who come from authentic corporations. For Vietnamese Remy hair extension vendors, the users will send order confirmation with an invoice. This seems to be a safe method for payment and brings the guarantee for the clients.


Be alert with SCAMMER

Last but not least, the consumers can be alert when SCAMMER requires them to act IMMEDIATELY! In general, SCAM is rising, in tandem with the robust development, in any field, in any industry. Please take care of your safety and always beware, not only SCAMMERS but also finding reliable hair extensions for your needs! 

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