As a Western country, Uk has approached the top trend for prevalence in terms of fashion, societal cultures, and even social media all the time! This explosion seems to make a stepping stone for the whole Remy hair extensions UK for astonishing growth! This following blog will clarify the extensive picture of Remy hair extensions UK in the hair industry during many years!


Remy hair extensions UK

  1. Being aware of general information about Remy hair extensions UK.

In general, for any consumer, the first and foremost criteria for ordering the hair products from Remy hair extensions UK. Whether or not hair extensions UK have a huge impact on the quality and longevity of the hair? If you are absolutely a newbie in this field, the following information is worth considering for you!


Remy hair extensions UK

1.1. The typical traits of Remy hair extensions UK.

According to hair Remy hair extensions UK, the term refers to human hair extensions that have been collected from human hair donors. Whereby, this hairstyle may suffer minimal processing to ensure the hair texture is still soft, smoothy and tange free, along with the cuticle alignment is ensured.

  • All Remy hair extensions UK keep cuticles retained and aligned in the correct direction, which have been originally grown from the scalp.
  • The hair texture is silky and shining.
  • The middle length of Remy hair extensions UK is approximately 24 inches with 100 grams each bundle.

The typical traits of Remy hair extensions UK.

1.2. The origin of Remy hair extensions UK.

Understandably, both UK and European countries may seem to face a shortage of hair sources for Remy hair extensions. That is why Remy hair extensions UK mainly come from Asian nations, take Vietnam, India as the examples!


Remy hair extensions UK from Asian hair sources

For the sake of boosting the consumer’s tastes, Remy hair extensions UK are well placed to take advantage of advanced techniques for supplying a range of different hair styles, even dyeing or bleaching, which suits the European market. In recent times, Vietnamese hair vendors have become the royal partner of Remy hair extensions UK in assisting this market in gaining business targets! Of course- Vietnamese hair suppliers always commit to bringing the best satisfaction for personal buyers as well as huge markets like Remy hair extensions UK. If you desire to become a dominant hair market, be recognised as Remy hair extensions UK, bear in mind the quality of Vietnam hair extension distributors in your list!


Remy hair extensions UK comes mainly from Vietnam.

1.3. The pivotal Remy hairstyles of Remy hair extensions UK

We are offering the main Remy hairstyles of Remy hair extensions UK getting the attractions of clients for recent times:

1.1 Clip- in Remy hair extensions UK.

21 inches clip- in are considered as the most ubiquitous hair styles of Remy hair extensions UK for the demands of the users. Plus, in spite of little care, your beautiful clip- in which Remy hair extensions UK are supplying could last up to 6 months to a year. More importantly, when users remove this hairstyle from Remy hair extensions UK, Remy hair extension clip- in will do absolutely no damage to the natural hair of consumers!
Normally, for an average quality of clip- in in Remy hair extensions UK, the price is about $ 200, along with the price of installation at the hairdresser is %550. Besides, you will have to pay $55 for maintenance with $ 3,5 each year, equivalent to $ 1,925. The total price is often at $ 2,675 each and every single year!


Clip- in from Remy hair extensions UK

1.2 Tape- in Remy hair extensions UK:

Remy hair extensions tape- in are of course 100% human hair from Remy hair extensions UK for the quality factors. With the long- durable medical tape for hair extensions, this hairstyle is directly attached to the real hair of users for up to 4 to 6 weeks.. In addition, the users find it straightforward to apply Remy hair extensions UK tape- in by themselves, even restyle them in different ones.
The clients using Remy hair extensions UK tape in can go to the salon for application with $300. On the other hand, it is cost effective for maintenance with just $120 with a total price is $ 1,460 per year, accounting for a half of Remy hair extensions UK clip- in. A temporary solution with an affordable price will surely conquer the hearts of users!


Remy hair extensions UK tape in

1.3 Micro- rings hair Remy hair extensions UK:

A beneficial point of Remy hair extensions UK micro- rings offer with not any glue, no heat and no braid. Additionally, micro rings from Remy hair extensions UK have the ability to last up to 3 or 4 months before being re- fitted. With this hair style, natural hair of the clients is attached to the hair extension weft through a very small ring or loop, then pressed very firmly to the scalp without adhesive.
The price of Remy hair extensions UK micro- rings for the average length, installation as well as maintenance respectively $300, $400 and $150. It is believed that with a total cost of % 1,900 per year, our users could have a gorgeous beauty imperfective from Remy hair extensions UK micro- rings. It’s a worthy investment, right?


Micro- rings from Remy hair extensions UK

2. Top 5 best Remy hair extensions UK:

As you can see, the hair industry has been a lucrative industry for sustainable development for many years with a range of hairstyles: Remy hair extensions weft, Remy hair extensions ponytail, Remy hair extensions I tip, and so on. That is why a large number of wholesale hair vendors were established with a sheer volume in the UK. The list is included as follows for those who are in the process of looking for trusted hair vendors for a long-term period.

2.1. CLIP HAIR – UK Hair Vendors that changing the GAME.

As the leading Remy hair extensions UK, with customers from around the world, this brand offers the best hair extensions all the time, combined with a wide selection of permanent extensions as well. In case the users wish to consume the highest quality, it is likely a sensible decision for the hair products of Clip Hair from the UK. Besides, Clip Hair tends to build up a network of clients by creating an account in this store for a high- speed shipping and convenience for tracking their orders!


CLIP HAIR – UK Hair Vendors that changing the GAME

Hotline: 03450 211 311

2.2. BEYOND HAIR LONDON – An inclusive hair extensions retailer based in the heart of London.

With the location of North London where Sales, Marketing and Finance Departments are all governed under one roof, Beyond hair London is always keen on staying ahead of the hair industry with on-hand hair products with premium quality. The key partners of this hair brand in the UK mainly come from stylists and retailers with a wide range of incentives and marketing support for its expansion.


BEYOND HAIR LONDON – An inclusive hair extensions retailer based in the heart of London.

Website: Beyond Hair
Hotline: -0208 889 3112

2.3. LONDON VIRGIN HAIR : A leading hair provider of premium hair in the UK.

London Virgin Hair- a sought- after brand of Remy hair extensions UK for decades. It is a vibrant UK business and its mission is to supply the finest hair products for today’s busy woman. Of course, they always desire to help females around the globe feel proudly beautiful. Further, LVH wants to lead in the provision of exemplary services and revolutionary top- notch quality beauty solutions, ethically and professionally packaged.


LONDON VIRGIN HAIR : A leading hair provider of premium hair in the UK.

Twitter: @LdnVirginhair
Instagram: @londonvirginhair

2.4 HAIREXTENSION.CO.UK : A top high-ranking supplier with quality hair products!

From the beginning in 2007, belonged to Remy hair extensions UK with many years of experience. This Uk brand’s mission is as a vendor to supply the users with a level of service excellent to high quality hair products. Of this, the main source is of Chinese origin and made from 100% human Remy. Let’s check out their website for the best details for options!


HAIREXTENSION.CO.UK : A top high-ranking supplier with quality hair products

Website: Direct Ltd

2.5 VIOLA HAIR EXTENSION LTD: An experienced distributor in the hair industry!

Founded in Romsey in 2011, Viola prides themselves on being able to help everyone who seeks to improve or transform their appearance to find just that- hair extensions that give the vow factor. Nowadays, Remy hair extensions UK is distributing a broad range of hair types products, colors, lengths and even weights, together with techniques and technology for the hair industry!


2.5 VIOLA HAIR EXTENSION LTD: An experienced distributor in the hair industry!

Contact information:
Hotline: 01794840130

3. Along with Remy hair extensions UK, where should I import hair from?

Of course, Remy hair extensions UK is not the sole hair distributor on an international scale. Apart from UK suppliers, Vietnam hair vendors are highly appreciated for supplying the source hair. If you are curious, don’t hesitate to check out this following below for top 3 leading Vietnamese hair distributors:

3.1 K- hair factory- a top- notch wholesale remy hair extension in the UK market!

For the hair extensions products which are exported overseas, K- hair factory is actually not a strange brand. The dominant markets for K-hair factories include two main kinds: the European market and the Nigerian market. In an European market, K- hair factories tend to supply multiple hairstyles for Russia, Brazil, Dubai, etc, in company with Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc in African nations.


K- hair factory

Website: K-hair Factory

3.2 5S- one of the most performing Vietnam hair vendors in the hair industry of UK!

5S is known as among the first Vietnamese hair suppliers, being in charge of distributing 100% high- quality human hair extensions which were collected from Vietnamese women from 18-34 years old. 5S is progressively taking full advantage of social media for marketing strategies, building up virtual networks for product promotion. This hair distributor is a loyal partner of a huge market in the world, particularly in the Nigerian market with over 80% customers annually.



Website: 5S

3.3 Anka Hair- Vietnamese wholesale hair supplier!

Anka hair is a hair vendor with a superior capacity of up to 10 tons of hair on a monthly basis. When it comes to this brand, they always guarantee the hair quality with 100% unprocessed virgin human hair on a global shipping with a high- speed and reasonable returns and exchanges. A worth considering option for those who are seeking out a wholesale hair vendor!


Anka Hair

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