Virgin remy hair extensions: Top- notch ways for Women  to boost their Confidence today! 

Virgin remy hair extensions are getting the leading attractions of consumers thanks to their unique features, totally different from Remy hair extensions or human hair extensions, and so on in the hair market. In this writing, readers will have a chance to figure out the entire truth of Virgin remy hair extensions as hair experts. Don’t forget to get the facts and secrets that hair vendors don’t want you to know. 


Virgin remy hair extensions hairstyles for choosing


1.  What are Virgin remy hair extensions? 

When it comes to Virgin remy hair extensions, there is a lot to learn.  As you are a hair lover, you are likely to know there is a common between Virgin and Remy is their origin. Both of them are totally made from human hair, though they are two different types. Let’s clarify this information about Virgin remy hair extensions in this part.


Clarify Virgin remy hair extensions from human hair.

1.1. What does Virgin hair mean? 

Virgin hair of Virgin remy hair extensions are defined as  real human hair that has been unprocessed by any chemical or toxic elements. This refers to a pristine intact and from a solely single donor. 

The quality of Virgin hair is in the premium condition and completely natural, healthy and beautiful because the cuticle structures remain the same direction and untouched due to no dye, no bleaching and perming as well. 


The characteristics of Virgin from Virgin remy hair extensions

1.2. What does Remy hair mean?

The term “Remy hair” from Virgin remy hair extensions means the traits of the hair and the distinctive methods of hair vendors. Remy hair is not deemed virgin hair for sure.On the other hand, Remy hair comes from 2 or more people donors and may suffer from processing after being harvested. 

Remy hair of Virgin remy hair extensions are gathered in a way which all hair strands maintain aligned in the natural direction during its growth, ends at ends, top at top to keep the texture pattern and alignments of cuticle. The benefits of this method is to bring super soft, shiny, and flowing, as well as get rid of hair problems. 


The characteristics of Remy from Virgin remy hair extensions

1.3 Comparison between Virgin, Remy, and Non Remy from human hair? 

If you’re not acquainted with hair extensions generally, and Virgin remy hair extensions in particular, users may be confused a lot. The reason is there are many kinds of human hair extensions and not all are created equal. We are offering the difference between Virgin, Remy and Non- remy which are also from human hair. 

  • Virgin from Virgin remy hair extensions: unprocessed and intact totally are the big differences between Virgin hair among others. This human hair comes from one thick ponytail from the only hair donor without any chemical treatment towards the hair. Thus, the duration can be up to several years along with a proper hair care for Virgin remy hair extensions.

Virgin hair- a top- notch quality

  • Remy from Virgin remy hair extensions: Not just by a donor, Remy hair from Virgin remy hair extensions are created by two or more people. Then the cuticle alignment can be mixed up and processed through several steps to bring nature. Its quality is not as good as virgin, the quality is high with a year of duration in use. For those who are on their budget, Remy from  Virgin remy hair extensions are still a worthy choice. Remy hair is also a potential source of Remy hair extensions UK clip in for such a long time. 

Remy Hair From two people and more

  • Non- remy from Virgin remy hair extensions: Another type of human hair extensions, known as “non- remy hair”, which has undergone chemical process and the mixture of hair tips and ends. Compared to the two kinds mentioned- above, its quality is the worst with tangled and splitting hair. The main origin of non- remy hair comes from the floor of temples, random suppliers or hair salons. For reliable hair vendors, non- remy are undervalued and eliminated during operation to guarantee the hair source for customers. 

Non- remy from other different  sources

1.4 Can Virgin remy hair extensions be dyed

The answer is total Yes, provided that Virgin remy hair extensions are made from human hair. However, be careful, ladies, let’s consider the condition of Virgin remy hair extensions beforehand. Because of the unharmed feature, Virgin remy hair extensions are compatible with a range of different colors, from dark to light, even blonde- the most difficult tone color to dye. For some reason, Remy hair extensions Sally hair vendor is known as dying virgin hair extensions with the right tone colors for users!  


Dyed hairstyles from Virgin remy hair extensions

For Virgin remy hair extensions, it is less time to gain the right tone color for users and still ensure the safety of their hair. Additionally, after that, whether Virgin remy hair extensions or Remy hair extensions curly or something like that, it is imperative to apply nutrients treatment to maintain the performance of hairstyle.

  1.     Where is the best wholesale Virgin remy hair extensions to buy- Top 5? 

         2.1. K- hair Vietnam- a leading Virgin remy hair extensions in Vietnam. 

K- hair Vietnam is sought- after Virgin remy hair extensions hair vendor with abundance of hair source thanks to its location advantages. On a yearly basis, K- hair Vietnam has supplied a huge Virgin remy hair extensions towards international and domestic partners, such as India, the USA, the UK, etc. K- hair factory Vietnam always brings professional customer service, combined with the prominent quality of Virgin remy hair extensions, which makes K- hair become a prestigious distributor in the hair market. This Virgin remy hair extensions hair distributor is a worthy choice for anyone, even buyers and traders. 


Contact information: 

2.2. Beyond Hair London- a worthy choice for Virgin remy hair extensions. 

Beyond Hair London used to do business in the field of Virgin remy hair extensions solely for the rich and famous. Yet, the customer’s segments have been expanded to anyone for them to access. This UK hair vendor can rest assured that Virgin remy hair extensions they are distributing in their natural, real and untreated condition. As their virgin hair absolutely gets away from  chemicals to gain the right color and style for users in use. Plus, at Beyond Hair, they also pride themselves on being versatile. Probably, this Virgin remy hair extensions hair vendor is suitable for dynamic beauty, bear in mind! 


Contact information: 

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Hotline: 0208 889 3112

2.3  Queen Virgin Remy- a reliable USA Virgin remy hair extensions hair vendor! 

With the location in the US in the beginning of 20 century, the core mission of this Virgin remy hair extensions hair vendor is to let more global customers enjoy QVR’s customer service in a professional manner. The strength of this Virgin remy hair extensions hair distributor is many years of experience in R&D, manufacturing and sales hair extensions products from Virgin remy hair extensions. There is an attractive slogan from a USA hair vendor that truly attracts clients: “Our mission is to empower women with confidence, freedom, and style by providing the hair experience.” 


If you are on your way to find out the best version of yourself, this Virgin remy hair extensions hair vendor is totally for you:

Contact information: 

  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +19284947597

2.4 Hair Boutique – An Indian wholesale Virgin remy hair extensions with many years of experience. 

This Virgin remy hair extensions stems from Chennai, India from the 1970s from the small- scale business to a wholesale Raw Indian Hair manufacturer and exporter. With all the expertise and skill in the Temple hair industry, Hair Boutique decided to create its own hair brand and export the best quality Raw Indian hair extensions to the international customers direct from India. With the backing of hair industry expertise, advancement in technology and contemporary leadership, Indian Virgin remy hair extensions hair suppliers will carry on the leading wholesale in this country to cater customers! 


Contact information: 

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Tell: +918778068550

2.5 Hair. a sought- after Virgin remy hair extensions hair supplier in China. 

This Chinese Virgin remy hair extensions hair distributor is committed to providing the clients with the finest 100% human hair extensions on the hair market. By and large, the goal of this hair vendor is to become the first choice in high quality 100% Virgin remy hair extensions, as well as online hair malls in Africa. With the changeable hair market, Chinese Virgin remy hair extensions is always ready to renew itself in terms of hair extensions products with a competitive price for buyers!


Contact information: 

  • Tel: +86 159 3742 8686
  • Whatsapp: +234 812 511 1818
  • Instagram: #haircomng

  1.     Some useful recommendations in using  Virgin remy hair extensions for users? 

Of course, there still remains problems and cautions in using Virgin remy hair extensions. It is essential to grasp the basic knowledge for ordering these temporary solutions: 

3.1. The prices of Virgin remy hair extensions?   

Virgin remy hair extensions are highly appreciated items by users with a range of benefits, of this, price criteria which is utterly equivalent to the top- notch quality. 


The average price of Virgin remy hair extensions

While some hair extensions products can cost as little as $20, or even % 3,000. The difference is made from many factors. The difference is made from many factors. For instance, the price of Remy hair extensions 22 inch tend to be higher than the lower inch ones. Professional permanent extensions usually range between $600 to $ 3000, compared to $200 to $500 of good non- permanent hair. The average price of hair extensions in both categories will also vary greatly depending on several factors: 

  • Depending on the type of hair extensions you are looking for. 
  • To the amount of hair you wish.
  • The ways of application. 

3.2 The maintenance of Virgin remy hair extensions? 

Proper hair care will maintain the duration of Virgin remy hair extensions: 

  • Using gentle products: Virgin remy hair extensions will be maintained through the nourishments from specialized shampoo and conditioner. This stage is a must- do things in use. 

Using specialized products for Virgin remy hair extensions

  • Nutrients supplement: Sometimes, whenever users wear Virgin remy hair extensions, you should apply a hair mask for supplying nutrients to the hair. 
  • Brushing with a moderate pace: Brushing Virgin remy hair extensions frequently means putting a lot of pressure on the scalp of consumers, which has a negative impact on the real scalp. 

Brushing gently for Virgin remy hair extensions

  • Drying slightly: Users must avoid using hair blowers for drying Virgin remy hair extensions so that the hairstyle won’t be damaged and broken in use. 

Drying Virgin remy hair extensions with a towel

3.3 Where to buy Virgin remy hair extensions else?

In the digital world as nowadays, things like “Where to buy Virgin remy hair extensions” will have a multiple of answers. 

3.3.1 Buying Virgin remy hair extensions offline.

One of the prevalent ways of ordering Virgin remy hair extensions is going to hair stores.  A typical benefit of this way is to try out anything that will suit your shape, face or skin color, as well as trendy and affordable. 


Offline- an effective way to order Virgin remy hair extensions

3.3.2 Buying Virgin remy hair extensions on e- commerce.


Ordering Virgin remy hair extensions through e- commerce

E- commerce platforms have gained popularity among consumers through smart devices. Whatever users need to search for “Virgin remy hair extensions” or “Remy hair extensions Amazon” on the box and get a range of results as they want. Besides Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress are getting clients with certain strengths. 

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