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If you are seeking wholesale raw hair vendors besides many raw hair suppliers from Vietnam or China, Indian raw hair vendors may be a suitable option for you. The purpose of this post is to offer you the top 5 Indian raw hair vendors and to help you make an informed decision about Indian raw hair vendors for your business.

Indian raw hair vendors

1. Overview of Indian raw hair vendors

Before we go into the top 5 best Indian raw hair vendors, we want to provide you with an overview of Indian raw hair vendors, including the hair origins of wholesale Indian raw hair, and the production of Indian hair factories in India. 

1.1. Where do Indian raw hair vendors collect the hair?

There are two key sources when it comes to the origin of Indian hair supplied by Indian hair vendors. They are Indian temple hair wholesale and Indian hair ball.

  • Temple hair: This wholesale Indian raw hair product comes from Indian temples, primarily Hindu temples. Tens of millions of Hindu pilgrims donate their hair as part of a long-standing custom to honor the Gods. Then, the hair from one or more donors is gathered to create hair extensions.
  • Hair ball: Indian hair balls are gathered from pipes, public restroom floors, and salon floors. The term “non – remy hair” really refers to hair debris from several individuals, so the quality is quite poor.

2 sources to collect Indian raw hair

1.2. Production of Indian raw hair vendors in India

Wholesale raw hair vendors in India  have lately emerged as a prospective sector. The most recent statistics show that nearly one-fifth of the world’s hair is generated by Indian raw hair vendors, which are expected to export 193.90 million dollars of human hair in 2022. Indian raw hair vendors supply the hair to four of the world’s major markets: China, Brazil, the United States, Africa, and South America.

However, the top Indian raw hair suppliers in India continue to employ antiquated methods. Nearly every step is completed by hand at India’s human hair factories. Therefore, both production and quality are low.

2. Comparison of Indian raw hair vendors with Vietnamese and Chinese hair vendors.

The following is a comparison of the world’s biggest raw hair vendors from Vietnam, India, and China in terms of production scale, price, and quality. When you compare Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair and Indian hair vs Chinese hair, you will see that though they are all hair from Asia, they do have particular differences. These differences are what make the hair band special.

  • Scale production: In comparison to its main rival – China, India and Vietnam have fewer factories, and these factories lack sophisticated manufacturing lines.
  • Price: hair products from Indian raw hair vendors are often the cheapest. Then there is China, and ultimately Vietnam.
  • Quality: Indian raw hair vendors also provide hair products inferior in quality to the other two competitors.

 3. Buying the hair from Indian raw hair vendors: Should or should not? 

Buying the hair from Indian raw hair vendors would be a suitable choice for you if you have a restricted budget and are not too worried about hair quality or warranty terms. 

However, if you are looking for a high-quality, long-lasting hair extension product, the hair from Indian raw hair vendors is not the greatest option. You can consider Vietnamese hair suppliers. K-hair factory is the number one best factory for selling high-quality Vietnamese hair: bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs, and so on… at a reasonable cost.  With over 30 years of expertise, the K-hair factory consistently ranks first in both quality and quantity. K-Hair is the reliable partner of hair resellers all over the world, including those from Africa like best wholesale hair distributors in Ghana, wholesalers from Nigeria, etc or those from US-UK, etc.

Buying hair from Indian raw hair vendors: should or should not

4. The 5 best wholesale Indian raw hair vendors

Here are 5 trustworthy Indian raw hair vendors you can take into consideration:

4.1. SGI Hair – Top best Indian raw hair vendors

SGI Hair debuted in 2008 as one of the top Indian raw hair vendors in India, with considerable expertise in the best Indian raw hair vendors in India. SGI often offers further discounts on a yearly, weekly, and even monthly basis. Because of their large manufacturing volumes, they can provide lower costs than other Indian hair manufacturers.

Their major product is virgin Indian hair. Their principal purpose is to manufacture and market high-quality Indian hair, wigs, and hair care items to clients under their brand names.

4.2. A.K. Enterprise – Top best Indian raw hair vendors

A.K. Enterprises has an ISO 9001 accreditation from the Indian government as an Indian raw hair vendor. There are bleached, double-drawn, virgin, and other varieties of human hair extensions available. 

Another distinction they have over other Indian raw hair vendors is the ability to tailor each customer’s hair extensions to their exact specifications.

4.3. 1 Hair Stop – Top best Indian raw hair vendors

Hair Stop, founded in 2019, is an Indian raw hair vendor that is new to the market. The goal of 1 Hair Stop was to make Indian hair more accessible and to make women feel more secure and appealing.

Raw Indian braids and wigs are two hair forms that this Indian raw hair vendor provides. Additionally, 1 Hair Stop sells Indian raw hair in wig hair, tape-in hair, and clip-in hair varieties. Additionally, customers of Hair Stop may be confident that they will receive a top-notch professional service when they buy hair from them.

One of the top 5 Indian raw hair vendors

4.4. Chennai Hair Factory – Top best Indian raw hair vendors

In order to give our customers the best hair wigs and extensions, Chennai Hair Factory, an Indian raw hair vendor, was founded in 2012. Each wig is individually created in-house using the best components, including hair from reliable market sellers.

As their major line of business, they manufacture synthetic wigs, raw Indian hair, human hair in bulk wholesale, and a variety of other items. This company’s products are praised for their high degree of quality, eye-catching colors and patterns, and many design possibilities.

4.5. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions – Top best Indian raw hair vendors

Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions is one of the most popular wholesale Indian raw hair vendors. Weaving hair extensions is one of the many famous services offered by this Indian raw hair vendor.

They manufacture thick, long-lasting hair extensions by using high-tech sewing of human hair. As a result, they charge more than other Indian raw hair sellers.

Hopefully, this post has given you some valuable knowledge about wholesale Indian raw hair vendors. Please visit the website to learn more about wholesalers in India and other distributors: Best Remy Hair Extension.

After all, we can conclude that Indian raw hair is worth buying for the cheap price and good quality. Besides, through the comparison section, we also know that Vietnamese hair is a good choice for high-quality hair at the most reasonable price. Then, taking Vietnamese hair factory into consideration is recommended:

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