Wholesale Tape Hair Extensions – All Things You Need To Know

Use our advice to get the finest wholesale tape hair extension and pick a product that you and your customers will like. The article that follows goes into further depth on wholesale tape hair extensions. All the information will be made plain, including the overview with definition, categorization, advantages and disadvantages, and everything related to the wholesale hair distribution.

Wholesale tape hair extensions – all things you need to know

1. Overview of wholesale tape hair extensions

The number of wholesale raw hair vendors has increased along with the demand for hair extensions. Because each region’s hair has different characteristics, not every country has a factory and some can only import hair from other nations. This website focuses on providing news about the hair industry, particularly about wholesale tape hair extensions.

1.1.What are wholesale tape hair extensions?

The most common type of hair extension currently available is tape. Tape hair extensions are little, 4 cm wide tape wefts of hair that are “taped” between your natural hair in “sandwich” type connections. In salons all around the world, this form of hair extension – wholesale tape hair extensions is the most popular. 

This procedure is entirely natural, lasts up to 4 to 6 months, uses no equipment or chemicals, and the hair may be used again! Applying a whole head without causing any harm takes less than an hour.

1.2. Types of wholesale tape hair extensions

There are three different kinds of tape hair extensions that you may choose from, and each one has something special to offer your audience. You should do your study and choose a product that appeals to your target market, offers the cost, and has the features you want. In addition, the hair origin also plays an important role in deciding which items to choose. Read about why you should choose Vietnamese hair and you’ll get the best answers.

Types of wholesale tape hair extensions

  • For everyday wear, traditional tape hair extensions are the most common choice. The least hazardous hair extension line available is the traditional tape variety. They grow in step with your natural hair and are lightweight and recyclable.
  • The second variety of wholesale tape hair extensions is injected tape. Look no further than injected tape hair extensions if you want hair extension tapes that appear natural. Hair extension strips with injected tape allow the extensions to firmly but softly attach to your hair. Each tape has hair placed into the front of it, unlike ordinary tape.
  • Completely hand-tied, hand-tied tape hair extensions have undetectable knots that blend in with your natural hair. In the same way that a hairdresser applies beads to a client’s natural hair row, manual hair extensions are similar to beading.

2. Advantages and disadvantages when buying wholesale tape hair extensions

Most wholesale tape hair extensions’ horror stories—including hair breakage, adhesive issues, shedding, slippage, and other issues—are installation-related, not necessarily hair-related. You and your hairdresser have the most influence on the outcome of your wholesale tape-in hair extensions. You’ll struggle if someone doesn not bring them in or if you do not take care of them. 

But you should be OK as long as you get high-quality extensions and have a reliable expert install them. However, not everyone should use tape hair extensions. Consider the advantages and disadvantages listed below before scheduling an appointment:

2.1. Advantages when buying wholesale tape hair extensions

Here are the top benefits you can get when using wholesale tape hair extensions:

  • Your hair can be styled as usual.
  • You may tint your hair using adhesive tape without bleaching or dyeing it.
  • Both the installation and removal were quick and without incident.
  • Weft threads are frequently thin, which makes them comfortable to wear and conceal.

2.2. Disadvantages when buying wholesale tape hair extensions

Besides the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of wholesale tape hair extensions that you need to consider:

  • They could cost a lot.
  • You must take care of the extensions every day if you want them to last.
  • It could take some getting used to allow more hair in and style it.

3. How to apply wholesale tape hair extensions?

It’s actually not that tough to follow the instructions to install tape hair extensions to the head. To speed up the process and increase accuracy, you should, however, enlist the aid of others.

How to apply wholesale tape hair extensions?

  • Step 1: Identify the ideal location for your tape hair extensions.
  • Step 2: Start out with tidy, purified hair. without air conditioning.
  • Step 3: It’s best to estimate how much hair you need in advance to avoid running out. The majority of people require 3-5 packets for a comprehensive application.
  • Step 4: Once you have completed dividing the hair into sections, remove the tape backing.
  • Step 5: As much as possible, stay away from the sticky regions to prevent the glue from deteriorating.

4. Top 2 best wholesale tape hair extensions vendors

Around the world, there are several wholesale tape hair extensions manufacturers. They vary in terms of both price and quality. While the bulk of them are in China or Vietnam, several are in Europe. mostly in Xuchang and Qingdao cities. The majority of Chinese producers, on the other hand, offer OEM services, which implies that they do not have their own brands but instead make hair extensions. Below are 2 top suppliers from Vietnam and Italy to consider.

4.1. K-Hair Factory – top wholesale tape hair extensions vendor

For more than 30 years exporting hair products for many wholesalers in the world such as wholesale hair vendors UK, Nigeria, Russia, K-Hair Factory has produced and delivered wholesale tape hair extensions. They take pride in creating high-quality hair products that advertise being made entirely of actual Vietnamese hair. K-Hair Factory is better suited for customers who want to buy small amounts of hair for personal use, are new hair sellers, and have other similar situations. 

K – Hair factory – top wholesale tape hair extensions vendor

The service overview includes information on the product portfolio, customer package customization, and product monitoring for hair extension quality. To build a connection with Anka and guarantee a constant supply of retail hair, this plant focuses on offering retail hair products. There are several styles available for hair weaves, Remy weaves, and wholesale hairstyles.

4.2. Great Lengths – top wholesale tape hair extensions vendor

In 1992, Great Lengths was founded in Rome, Italy. They are the undeniable defenders of excellence, as seen by our proud possession of important scientific advancements like the first ultrasound machine. Great Length is the leading company supplying wholesale tape hair extensions in Europe due to its exceptional quality. Despite being manufactured in Europe, raw hair for this product still comes from China and India. This hair brand will provide you the top qualtiy double drawn and single drawn hair extensions in the market.

100% Double Drawn Remy hair is the same length from root to tip and grows in the natural direction. For customers who wish to swiftly install premium Great Lengths hair, wholesale tape in hair extensions from Great Lengths is a fantastic choice. Additionally, people who have thinning hair are advised to use them. It has a seat belt and may be reattached as a double or single tape up to three times.

I’m sure that this writing will help you manage the best beauty salon imaginable while maximizing your financial efficiency. For more information on different hair types, such as tape hair extensions and others, please visit our website at Best Remy Hair Extension. Then, you’ll get so much useful knowledge to find the most convenient wholesale hair vendors nearby:

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