All Things You Need To Know Before Buying Vietnamese Remy Hair

Businessmen increasingly find the hair sector to be intriguing. This essay was designed with your intention of starting a hair company in mind. This article, which includes the opinions of hair specialists, will explain the reasons why Vietnamese remy hair consistently ranks #1 in terms of economic efficiency as well as recommend a trustworthy Vietnamese remy hair provider for your business to export.

All Things You Need To Know Before Buying Vietnamese Remy Hair

All Things You Need To Know Before Buying Vietnamese Remy Hair

1. Overall information about Vietnamese remy hair

If in this previous post, we offered you general information about Vietnamese virgin hair, today we want to provide you with an overview of Vietnamese remy hair.

1.1. What is Vietnamese remy hair?

Vietnamese remy hair is made up entirely of Vietnamese human hair and is taken from two to three healthy donors who have hair that is almost identical in quality and direction. Vietnamese remy hair is hair that has never been touched or subjected to any chemical treatments like bleaching, or coloring.

Vietnamese remy hair undergoes a few light treatments like shampooing, steaming, or heating before being placed in the hands of the consumer in order to make it softer and smoother.

1.2. Main features of Vietnamese remy hair

Here is some main features of Vietnamese remy hair you need to know:

1.2.1. Vietnamese remy hair is flexible and thick

Vietnamese remy hair is extracted from individuals with straight, thick, and silky hair. Vietnamese people’s DNA for hair cells produces these textures, making Vietnamese Remy Hair one of its competitive advantages.

Vietnamese remy hair is also a result of the meticulous collection procedure. Despite having 2-4 donor origins, every Vietnamese remy hair is assured to have cuticles that point in the same direction. When you touch the hair, the cuticles in certain ways provide the impression of softness and smoothness.

Main features of Vietnamese remy hair

Main features of Vietnamese remy hair

1.2.2. Vietnamese remy hair has a long lifespan

The majority of Vietnamese peasants (80%) who produce remy hair reside in mountainous regions. Vietnamese Remy Hair is highly robust since it isn’t directly exposed to scorching sunshine because of the favorable weather conditions (cool and humid atmosphere).

Vietnamese remy hair is carefully cared for with a regular hair care regimen, preventing tangling or shedding. Vietnamese villagers regularly shampoo their hair with herbal remedies, which makes their hair thick and long-lasting for 2 to 4 years with proper care.

1.2.3. Vietnamese remy hair has a reasonable price

Vietnamese remy hair is less expensive than Vietnamese virgin hair, which is taken from a single donor, yet it is practically identical in quality to Vietnamese virgin hair.

Selling high-quality goods at competitive prices, like Vietnamese remy hair, will please your consumers and yet boost your profit margin if you own hair business. Vietnamese remy hair is constantly in-stock in huge quantities, making it simpler for you to fulfill large orders.

1.3. Disadvantages when buying Vietnamese remy hair

Because it is sourced from many donors, Vietnamese remy hair has a slightly different texture. Vietnamese remy hair might not always turn out well when bleached or colored with strong colors. It can, however, work well with hairstyles like subtle waves, straight hair, or curls.

Disadvantages when buying Vietnamese remy hair

Disadvantages when buying Vietnamese remy hair

Vietnamese remy hair also has the drawback of being hard to identify from Vietnamese Non-Remy Hair. If you purchase Vietnamese Non-Remy Hair, you run the risk of being duped by poorer quality at a high price if you are not an expert in the area of hair. Be wise and cautious while selecting a manufacturer for Viethamese remy hair.

2. Distinguish Vietnamese remy hair with Chinese remy hair and Indian remy hair

Indian remy hair, as opposed to Vietnamese remy hair, already dominates the international market for medium-priced hair because of its length, thickness, and supply volume. Indian remy hair is an appropriate candidate for folks with average incomes. Contrary to Vietnamese hair evaluations, there is one drawback to Indian remy hair: It is prone to frizzing in humid or harsh conditions, necessitating constant usage of anti-frizz treatments.

Chinese hair is often the least expensive form of hair on the international hair market when contrasted to Vietnam remy hair. This hair type is thick and coarse. Because of its texture, the hair must undergo the appropriate chemical processing before being used to create hair extensions. The hair loses its gloss and has a rougher texture than Vietnamese remy hair after the acidification procedure.

3. Recommend a reliable provider to buy Vietnamese remy hair

According to reports, K-Hair Factory is the greatest and most reliable source for Vietnam remy hair in Vietnam. K-Hair Factory is the most trusted supplier to several major hair manufacturers and retailers worldwide because of its more than 20 years of experience in this industry and its 10 years of experience entering the international hair market.

Recommend a reliable provider to buy Vietnamese remy hair

Recommend a reliable provider to buy Vietnamese remy hair

K-Hair Factory offers a variety of Vietnam remy hair goods, such as weft hair, wavy hair, pixie hair, and frontals,…. 100 percent of overall Vietnamese human hair is used in each. The employees of this company can also assist you in identifying the appropriate hair products.


We hope that all the information today is useful to you. If you are starting a hair company and need a mentor to help you get through this challenging and stressful period, don’t hesitate to visit our website at Best Remy Hair Extension.


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