Compare Vietnamese Hair And Chinese Hair: Which Is Better?

Although hair from many different countries is abundant on the market, Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair predominate. Each has benefits and drawbacks. You will discover more about Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in this article.

Compare Vietnamese Hair and Chinese Hair: Which Is Better?

Compare Vietnamese Hair and Chinese Hair: Which Is Better?

1. Compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair.

Despite being close neighbors, China and Vietnam create hair extensions in quite different ways. Insiders in the hair production sector are aware that Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair are not equivalent in terms of cost, quality, or product selection. To read how specialists analyzed these variations, scroll down:

1.1. Compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in terms of prices

Which is more affordable, Chinese or Vietnamese hair, if someone were to ask? Chinese hair would be the fast answer. In the international market, the prices of both countries’ hair products are competitive, although China can provide hair at a lower cost for a number of reasons:

  • Chinese hair comes from many different places: Chinese hair is often not obtained from Chinese people but rather from surrounding nations like Vietnam. It is virtually never virgin hair since the hair is mixed with other hair, irrespective of origin. Due to the lesser hair quality, this has greatly reduced their collection expenditures.
Chinese hair factories

Chinese hair factories

  • Vietnamese hair is obtained from a local hair source: Vietnamese hair gathering is substantially less since producers primarily gather from domestic sources, especially those living in rural Northern Vietnam. This hair might not be as plentiful as hair obtained from other nations, but the native culture of beard stubble and care has ensured a consistent supply for Vietnamese businesses.
  • Vietnamese hair is available for special orders: Vietnamese hair businesses usually accept customized orders rather than bulk production since they operate at a lower level than Chinese hair manufacturers. As a result, the final product from each Vietnamese hair manufacturer is of higher quality.

1.2. Compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in terms of quality

When comparing the quality of Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair, some people may incorrectly feel that Chinese hair is as excellent as, if not better than, Vietnamese hair due to its shiny look. The facts, though, are not quite as appealing:

Compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in terms of quality

Compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in terms of quality

  • Chinese hair is initially stunning, but it loses its beauty with time. This is because Chinese hair is heavily chemically treated to give it a lovely coating that only lasts for a short time and is derived from a number of sources. Cuticles are removed chemically, and silicon is then used to give the hair luster and structure.
  • Vietnamese hair, on the other hand, is sturdy and flexible but lacks gloss. The hair is extracted from rural Vietnamese women who live in an environment conducive to hair growth and eat a nutritious diet.
  • Because Vietnamese hair makers are more concerned with product quality, Vietnamese hair providers frequently impose stricter limits on hair sources.

1.3. Compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in terms of diversity

When picking between Vietnamese and Chinese hair, diversity is an important factor to take into account in the hair industry. Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair provide the widest choice of styles, thicknesses, and hues on the market in terms of product diversity. Both suppliers provide jet black or pale blond hair that is bone straight, wavy, or curly.

Compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in terms of diversity

Compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in terms of diversity

The price is higher and the supply is more constrained in Vietnam, where clip-in hair pieces and full wigs are less frequently made. The most common hair varieties on the market are Vietnamese weft hair extensions and Vietnamese raw hair, which are mostly provided by Vietnamese hair suppliers.

2. Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair: Best wholesaler of Vietnamese hair

A number of Vietnamese hair factories offer wholesale Vietnamese hair extensions. Nevertheless, there aren’t many manufacturers capable of producing things of high quality. Hair merchants must exercise extreme caution when deciding to invest money in the hair business for Vietnamese hair extensions. We’d like to present K – Hair Factory Vietnam in this post.

The K-Hair brand is well-known to consumers in both Africa and Europe. With many years of industry experience, it builds a team of excellent specialists and bases its growth on the quality of the items they make. This leads to progressive expansion. They are considered one of Vietnam’s premier, well-known hair enterprises, and they possess the necessary licenses and certificates for company registration.

K - Hair Factory Vietnam

K – Hair Factory Vietnam

Additionally, they have a sizable number of international hair merchants. K – Hair benefits from having a factory since it enables them to offer trustworthy products at the lowest costs currently available in Vietnam. Additionally, you can rapidly buy Vietnamese hair extensions with them.

You can contact them through:

3. Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair: Best wholesaler of Chinese hair

For Chinese hair, we want to introduce TedHair – one of the biggest wholesalers of Chinese hair in China. Despite the fact that it was just established in 2009, TedHair Hair Factory seems to have a long record that gives the appearance that it is the best wholesale hair seller in China and provides trustworthy service. They often collaborate with importers, distributors, salon operators, and online store owners from all over the world, along with the top hair providers on Alibaba.



TedHair, one of China’s top wholesale hair distributors, has a vast supply including both virgin hair and hair extensions. You may purchase quick hair whenever you want!

In conclusion, we want to emphasize that both Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair have advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are looking for a hair extension with high quality and a long lifespan, Vietnamese hair is the best option for you. To learn more about Vietnamese hair, please visit our website at Best Remy Hair Extension.

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