Everything You Have To Know About 12 Inch Hair Extension

One of the numerous accessories that every lady adores is hair extensions, since they provide the appearance of having thicker hair. And among several, 12 inch hair extension is probably the most popular. How about the 12 inch hair extension, though?

Everything You Have To Know About 12 Inch Hair Extension

Everything You Have To Know About 12 Inch Hair Extension

1. Overall information about 12 inch hair extension

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular amongst individuals all over the world because of their practicality, effectiveness, and visual value. If in the previous post, we introduced you to hair extensions 20 inch, today we want to offer you 12 inch hair extension. So what are the benefits of 12 inch hair extension, and why are they so prevalent? Let’s look into this more thoroughly.

1.1. What is 12 inch hair extension?

12 inch hair extension is indeed 12 inches long. The information that follows provides an overview of hair extensions as well as information about 12 inch hair extension. Hair extensions are a terrific choice if your hair lacks the density or height you’d like, or if you are unhappy with your current hairstyle. Whether hair extensions are composed of natural or synthetic components can have a significant impact on their quality.

What is 12 inch hair extension?

What is 12 inch hair extension?

One inch is particularly referred to as “12 inch.” Because of its widespread use, there has been little written about it. For more information regarding 12 inch hair extension, read the following.

1.2. Outstanding characteristics of 12 inch hair extension

The following characteristics are typically seen in 12 inch hair extension. Size and weight are among the most important considerations. Each of these components will be thoroughly discussed later.

What does a 12-inch hair extension measure in length? It is undoubtedly 12 inches long. If you are not familiar with this particular unit of length, you may convert it into a variety of other measurements to clarify its significance.

A packet of 12 inch hair extension typically weighs 100g. However, take in mind that the weight of 12 inch hair extension might change based on the type of hair and the measurement system used. The most crucial step is making sure the merchant provides proper weight information for the 12 inch hair you get. Verify the item’s size and weight when you receive it to be sure your purchase was genuine.

2. Main types of 12 inch hair extension

The top 3 12 inch hair extensions are listed below. You should speak with your stylist before using any products since every type of hair is best suited to a different character.

Main types of 12 inch hair extension

Main types of 12 inch hair extension

  • Clip in 12 inch hair extension:

Many women prefer the way that the 12 inch hair extension is designed to resemble hair clips since it is quite practical. Due to how straightforward and quick it is to install, this is one of the most commonly used 12 inch hair extensions.

These extensions already have 12 inch-long hair extensions attached. It’s as simple as using a hair clip to tie it to your hair. Although you will not have contact with a hairdresser, applying the clip-in 12 inch hair extension just requires a few minutes. Since it doesn’t damage the hair, this is a great hair extension. 

However, the clip in 12 inch hair extension should be taken out before bed because of their weight. It could occasionally be challenging to wear this specific clip-in style. The scalp might suffer if the hair isn’t also correctly cut.

  • Microbeads 12 inch hair extension

Both genuine and synthetic hair can be attached using microbeads made of either plastic or metal. This microbead evenly divides each hair strand, giving the impression of natural hair growth.

You must see a hairstylist to have the hair extensions removed from your hair after approximately four to six weeks because your hair has developed out of the extensions. The versatility of the microbead 12 inch hair extension allows for the creation of a wide variety of hairstyles.

  • Fusion and pre-bonded 12 inch hair extension

If you want dense, silky hair, think about using fusion and pre-bonded 12 inch hair extension. Hair stylists will use heat and collagen glue to affix the natural hair to the extensions.

Fusion and pre-bonded 12 inch hair extension must be done by hairdressers. The typical lifespan of this haircut is between four and five weeks. You’ll need to visit a beauty parlor once the hair is long enough just to eliminate the glue.

Because this style involves heat and keratin glue, it will permanently change the way your hair looks. Therefore, we advise that you have healthy hair if you intend to utilize this fusion and pre-bonded 12 inch hair extension.

3. Recommend a reliable supplier to buy 12 inch hair extension – K – Hair Factory Vietnam

K-Hair Factory has dominated this sector in Vietnam, with a long history of notable successes dating back to its start in the hair business. K- Hair Factory is a great choice as well for high quality at an affordable price. You absolutely need to be knowledgeable of the intricacies of how to import Vietnamese hair if you desire to purchase Vietnamese hair extensions from K-Hair.

K - Hair Factory Vietnam

K – Hair Factory Vietnam

A wide range of alternate colors and lengths are offered by K-Hair Factory. You can find every hairstyle you want from this factory from hair extensions ponytail, hair extensions wavy hair to 12 inch hair extension. 

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Through this article, we hope that you can gain some basic knowledge about the 12 inch hair extension. If you want to learn more about other types of hair extensions, you can visit our website at Best Remy Hai Extension

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