How To Import Hair From Vietnam: Detailed Steps For Newbies

Finding reliable partners is one of the initial and the most important issues for hair vendors who wish to enter the hair market. You have no clue what legitimate hair suppliers are capable of accomplishing depending on their own set of standards. Don’t worry; you can import hair from Vietnam using the most current information you’ve read on our blog. Let’s get the party going right away!

How to import hair from Vietnam: Detailed steps for newbies

How to import hair from Vietnam: Detailed steps for newbies


1. How to import hair from Vietnam: An Overview of Vietnamese hair

Due to its flawless texture and the cutting-edge machinery that Vietnamese employees use to produce it, many hair retailers now choose to import hair from Vietnam rather than China, India, or Peru. Nowadays, almost every hair manufacturer in Vietnam sells high-end wholesale hair. Before discussing how to import hair from Vietnam, have a look at the important characteristics of Vietnamese hair listed below.

1.1. How to import hair from Vietnam: What is Vietnamese hair?

Young Vietnamese women directly collect the hair that is known as “Vietnam hair.” Straight, rounded, and thick hair from Vietnam has a high concentration of black melanin. Vietnam hair has lately emerged as the greatest option for how to import hair from Vietnam for a business hair company to its ideal texture, ability to bleach and color, and exceptional durability.

How to import hair from Vietnam: What is Vietnamese hair? 

How to import hair from Vietnam: What is Vietnamese hair?

1.2. How to import hair from Vietnam: reasons why you should import Vietnamese hair

The Vietnamese hair industry remains in its development phase compared to the greatest Chinese or Indian factories now on the market. Still, it has grown dramatically over the past decade and has emerged as the preferred choice among hair merchants worldwide. Here are a few justifications for importing Vietnamese hair.

  • Vietnamese hair has the best quality: 

First off, Vietnamese women are known for having naturally smooth and healthy hair. Vietnamese women, who reside in mountainous regions with frigid temperatures and dull hair, are the source of the country’s human hair. This prevents their hair from splitting at the ends and provides sun protection.

Women in the area are also highly concerned about hair care; they never wash their hair with dangerous chemicals, preferring to utilize herbal remedies instead, knowing that these are the finest natural gifts for their hair.

  • Vietnamese companies have the best customer care:

The reliability of a supplier’s quality depends heavily on their level of customer service. Retailers of wholesale hair legally get the client and target personal information. The information is obtained for lawful purposes, such as customizing the customer experience, getting consumer feedback to improve the quality of the company’s service, or verifying the mailing address when placing an order.

How to import hair from Vietnam: reasons why you should import Vietnamese hair

How to import hair from Vietnam: reasons why you should import Vietnamese hair

Your personal information will never be given to another hair salon or bought, traded, transferred, or sold. On the registration forms for the websites, contact information as well as fundamental details like region, religion, and phone number are gathered. The data on your attempting to access gadget and standard act from the salesperson are two additional factors to check.

2. How to import hair from Vietnam: Detailed steps to import Vietnamese hair

To better understand how to import hair from Vietnam, follow along with us as we go through the steps outlined:

The best Vietnamese hair suppliers are: You make contact with the right hair providers using the data from the prior stage and inquire about the requirements for importing hair from Vietnam. Representatives from hair vendors will help you locate the right hair products.

Choose your hairstyle: As you learn how to import hair from Vietnam, users may import numerous hairstyles depending on market trends. To make life easier for you, please utilize the following formula: type of hair, grade of hair, the color of hair, and length of hair. For example Vietnamese colour hair, blond color, 22 inch

The proper ways to import hair from Vietnam

The proper ways to import hair from Vietnam

Choose the most advantageous shipping and payment choices: Depending on their location, clients could also save time and cash by selecting from a number of payment and shipping alternatives. Inquire with a hairdresser to get the most recent information. As part of their deal, you may either pay in full or put down a deposit.

Review the entire process: To provide transparency, invoice bills will be given to buyers when payment has been received. Now all you need to do is await until they receive their stuff after a predetermined period of time. Make sure they are properly examined to rule out any problems.

3. How to import hair from Vietnam: A reliable company to import Vietnamese hair. 

The broad range of hair products K-Hair offers may be part of the reason for its success. K Hair Company is a well-established Vietnamese hair firm with decades of expertise in providing Vietnamese hair extensions to customers in Europe, Africa, and America as well as to local hair merchants. Hair salons in Europe often acquire virgin and raw hair, bleaching and coloring it to the preferences of their customers. Retail consumers in the area who wish to strengthen and preserve their real curls can purchase hair tape from K Hair Vietnam. African women’s natural hair is brittle and thin, hence, K Hair Vietnam produces weaved hair or caps for them. Customers in the US like ponytails, pixie curls, and clip-in hair. After all, the wholesale hair retailer K-Hair comes highly recommended.

K - Hair Vietnam

K – Hair Vietnam

You can contact them through:

We hope that the fundamental details in this post have provided you with new insights into the process of importing hair from Vietnam and helping you make wise style decisions. To explore other interesting things about the hair business, feel free to visit our website at Best Remy Hair Extension.

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