How To Take Care Of Vietnamese Hair Extension? 

Due to its high quality, Vietnamese hair extension is a favorite among many individuals all over the world. Do you know the proper techniques to take care of Vietnamese hair extension, having used it for a long time? “How to Take Care of Vietnamese Hair Extension?” is a question that we hope this post will assist you in answering.

How to take care of Vietnamese hair extensions?

How to take care of Vietnamese hair extensions?

1. How to take care of Vietnamese hair extension: Main features of Vietnamese hair extension

Before learning how to properly care for Vietnamese hair extension, you should be aware of some of its primary characteristics.

  • It is common knowledge that Vietnam’s mountainous women provide the majority of the nation’s hair. They are young people, 18 to 35 years old, who lead active lifestyles in challenging situations. Because of this, the Vietnamese hair extensions obtained from these people are of a very high standard and have power, visual features, and purity.
  • The structure of Vietnamese hair extensions is natural, as was already said. Additionally, as opposed to hair from markets like Campuchia and India, it is stated that hairs from Vietnamese hair traders have a better texture. This is because Vietnamese Hair can blend into its customers’ hair and offer them a naturally beautiful appearance.
Main features of Vietnamese hair extension

Main features of Vietnamese hair extension

  • Vietnamese hair extensions can come in a wide range of different forms since it is silky and moderate in thickness, including Vietnamese curly hair, Vietnamese color hair, and Vietnamese super double drawn hair. Rather than dense Brazilian hair, use Vietnam raw hair to achieve a more appealing and natural look.

2. How to take care of Vietnamese hair extension: the proper ways you should know

Every woman aspires to consistently have lustrous, silky hair. However, there is still a way to go until the dream comes true. It is particularly difficult to manage your Vietnamese hair extension when your hair is easily knotted and hard from the harsh winter weather. We will now provide you with some suggestions so that you may confidently retain gorgeous, healthy hair all winter long.

2.1. How to take care of Vietnamese hair extension: Brush your hair many times

Everyone’s health, including their hair’s health, benefits from comb brushing. Comb your hair extension to enhance blood circulation to the head, which promotes strong hair development. Frequent brushing will maintain your Vietnamese hair extensions lustrous and untangle it even in humid winter temperatures.

You should leave your Vietnamese Hair down now for about 4 hours every day to keep it organically straight without twisting or curling. You will have less hair loss and fewer headaches if you lose your locks in the winter.

2.2. How to take care of Vietnamese hair extension: Instead of using hot water to clean your hair, use cool water.

Women frequently wash their hair with warm water in the salon because it’s so cold outside in the winter. However, washing your Vietnamese hair in warm water will swiftly ruin it. When you wash your hair in hot or warm water, your hair loses moisture and flexibility. As a result, it will grow weaker, fibrous, split, and twisted.

Use cold shampoo to wash your Vietnamese hair extensions instead. It is advantageous for both the head and the hair. Vietnamese hair’s capillaries are sealed, and its epidermis is protected when washed in chilly water. Do not immediately wet your hair with shampoo. After foaming some water on your hands and drenching your hair, wash your hands. After that, give your scalp a gentle massage with shampoo foam for a few minutes before washing with water to wash away the foam. Before thoroughly combing your Vietnamese hair extension with a broad brush or your hands to prevent tangles, let it dry entirely.

Instead of using hot water to clean your hair, use cool water.

Instead of using hot water to clean your hair, use cool water.

2.3. How to take care of Vietnamese hair extension: Get rid of hair splits 

Your Vietnamese hair extension’s split ends are an indication that they are brittle. To decrease hair damage and prevent hair loss, you should first clean the afflicted area (split ends), then apply the finest shampoo.

Split ends typically indicate lifeless, unhealthful hair. By removing broken ends and giving it time to heal, you may be able to increase the health of your Vietnamese hair extension.

Avoid letting your Vietnamese hair extensions come into direct touch with hot surfaces like the sun or your hairdryer. Allow your hair to air dry naturally after washing it.

2.4. How to take care of Vietnamese hair extension: Aim not to overwash your hair

If you use too much shampoo, the essential oils in your Vietnamese hair extension will be removed, leaving your hair dry. So keep in mind not to overwash your hair if you want it to be lovely and silky. Three days a week should be the correct frequency. You should rinse your hair in the cold, as was stated earlier.

Aim not to overwash your hair

Aim not to overwash your hair

It’s also crucial to select a shampoo that is appropriate for Vietnamese hair. Before making a purchase, do some research on the internet or consult your friends. Regularly massaging your hair will make it stronger and more lustrous.

3. How to take care of Vietnamese hair extension: top #1 supplier of Vietnamese Hair extension

K – Hair Vietnam won’t let you down if you’re seeking a Vietnamese hair extension wholesaler. This business has over 20 years of experience in the field and ten decades of experience entering the global hair market. Every month, K-Hair exports more than 2 billion hairs of all types. Several of the markets with the strictest regulations have been successfully taken over by K – Hair Vietnam.

In order to achieve such achievement, K – Hair Factory is currently improving, repairing, and expanding the infrastructure. K-Hair Factory’s headquarters are in Ha Noi City. Furthermore, K-Hair Factory has a team of experienced experts who conduct market studies on the styles that are currently in favor throughout the world and afterwards share their results with the business so K-Hair can quickly meet client demand.

K - Hair Vietnam

K – Hair Vietnam

Therefore, K – Hair professionals can give you vital advice on the most current and suitable hairstyles for your market in addition to how to make money and survive.

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This article has given you a list of helpful tips for caring for Vietnamese hair extensions along with a trustworthy distributor from where you can get Vietnamese hair extensions. We sincerely hope that you will find this material useful. Please visit our website at Best Remy Hair Extension to learn more about the hair industry.


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