List Of Top 4 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors USA

Many wholesale hair vendors USA  have emerged as a result of the investigation of the hair extensions business in the United States. K-Hair can help you find the top 4 finest wholesale hair vendors USA  in this post. It would be a lot easier for you to identify wholesale hair vendors USA on which to base your belief.

List of wholesale hair vendors USA

List of wholesale hair vendors USA

1. Overview of wholesale hair vendors USA

Besides many other wholesalers in the world, such as Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors, raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors,…you can consider wholesale hair vendors USA. Here is basic information of wholesale hair vendors USA:

1.1. Market demand: The driving reason behind wholesale hair vendors USA

The beauty business is booming worldwide as people grow more concerned about their looks and their wealth rises. The human hair market, in particular, is witnessing extraordinarily rapid development, with revenue nearly doubling in only a few years.

The hair market is predicted to reach 10 billion USD in sales in the next seven years, with a growth rate of more than 4% each year. The significant markets indicated are the Americas (the United States and Brazil), Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) and European nations… After subtracting costs, wholesale hair vendors USA and Europe can make 5 to 10 times the original price; in Africa, the ratio is 2 to 3 times. This is an unbeatable deal.

1.2. Characteristics of wholesale hair vendors USA

With a population of nearly 300 million people, the United States has the world’s largest economy. This is also a fairly ethnically diverse country with a large population of people of color. The United States is also the birthplace of numerous beauty trends, such as stylish haircuts popularized by Hollywood celebrities. As a result, the demand for human hair products in this nation is high and continually changing.

  • The majority of wholesale hair vendors USA are trade firms: This indicates that they are resellers. Wholesale hair vendors USA do not have their own factories and instead buy hair in bulk from China, Vietnam or India for producing human hair goods.
Characteristics of wholesale hair vendors USA

Characteristics of wholesale hair vendors USA

  • They provide diverse products: As previously said, wholesale hair vendors USA import hair from a variety of nations, giving buyers a wide range of options. Furthermore, wholesale hair vendors USA keep up with industry trends by offering a wide range of hair types ideal for all clients.
  • They sell their products at relatively high prices: because wholesale hair vendors USA must import hair from abroad, there are several intermediary fees such as import taxes, reprocessing costs, and so on. This raises the price of hair over that of wholesale hair vendors that ship direct hair to clients in the United States.

1.3. Advantages and disadvantages when buying hair from wholesale hair vendors USA

The following information will assist you in deciding whether or not to purchase hair from wholesale hair vendors USA.


  • You may go to wholesale hair vendors USA to see the product in person and prevent getting duped.
  • If an issue happens, you can discuss and resolve it with the provider directly.
  • Faster shipment and lower freight costs than import

Disadvantages: Wholesale hair vendors’ USA pricing is quite expensive, therefore if you buy hair from them and resell it, you will make a small profit.

2. Top best wholesale hair vendors USA

If you are still seeking the top wholesale hair vendors USA, we will propose five of the best companies.

2.1. EHair – Among top wholesale hair vendors USA

EHair Outlet is a hair and hair-related product wholesaler with over two decades of expertise in the hair sector. As Atlanta’s top hair supplier and one of the best wholesale hair vendors USA, its mission is to provide high-quality hair and hair-related goods to customers and clients while keeping prices accessible and competitive. Their company cleans equipment with a minimal amount of non-cancerous chemicals. Ehair Outlet sells virgin and remy hair that is completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies.

EHair - top wholesale hair vendor USA

EHair – top wholesale hair vendor USA

You have come to the correct place if you are a hairdresser or salon owner seeking a hair and lash provider to help you build your business. They are excited to assist hair stylists, company owners, retail consumers, and anybody else seeking hair at eHair because of their industry experience.

2.2. Hair & Compounds Inc. – Among top wholesale hair vendors USA

Hair & Compounds sells slightly enhanced lab-tested hair materials. It began in 1992 and currently offers hair products that are 100 percent stronger than most treated hair. Customized orders are available from the firm, so you are not limited to what is in stock.

There are over 40 different colors to pick from to let you create any design. You may take a virtual tour of the company’s warehouse via Skype or FaceTime. So far, Hair & Compounds has a 99 percent order success rate. If you are disappointed with your order, it offers a full refund as well as delivery.

2.3. Dynasty Goddess – Among top wholesale hair vendors USA

Dynasty Goddess is a family-owned firm with its manufacturing in Thailand and its shipping facility in Florida. It provides prompt, friendly, and trustworthy customer service.

Dynasty Goddess is one of the largest wholesale hair vendor USA. There is a $10 fee for delivery adjustments after dispatch, such as an erroneous shipping address.Their price is fairly high, but the hair quality is excellent, with most evaluations exceeding 5/5.

Dynasty Goddess - top wholesale hair vendor USA

Dynasty Goddess – top wholesale hair vendor USA

2.4.  Private Label Extensions – Among top wholesale hair vendors USA

Private Label Extensions is a wholesale hair vendor USA that lets you tailor your brand. You may personalize your logo, tags, labels, packaging, and more. Wigs, Brazilian straight hair, etc. are the main items.

Atalanta is the location. Returns are accepted up to 30 days after receiving the hair. The price of 30 USD per 10-inch Brazilian Silky straight bundle is pretty low when compared to other wholesale hair providers in the United States such as Dynasty Goddess.

3. Other than wholesale hair vendors USA, what other options do you have?

Aside from wholesale hair vendors USA, another choice is K – Hair Vietnamese Factory, a prominent wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam.

The largest hair manufacturer in Vietnam, K-hair Factory, fills wholesale orders from all over the world, primarily from dealers throughout Africa and America. Additionally, in recent times, this hair provider has gained a lot of popularity among wholesale customers all around the world and on social media. K-hair Vietnamese Hair Factory is regarded as a “faithful supplier” by foreign customers because of its competitive pricing, incredible grade, and warranty policy.

K - Hair Vietnam

K – Hair Vietnam

You may reach them through:

Wholesale hair vendors USA seem to be a good option for newbies who want to start their hair business. To explore many other wholesalers and update the latest information about the hair business, please visit our site at Best Remy Hair Extension.


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