Must-know Facts About Cambodian Wholesale Hair Vendors

The current fad in the beauty industry is hair extensions. In the United States and Europe, where the hair business is thriving, fashionable ladies are willing to pay top dollar for human hair. Have you ever questioned the origins of hair extensions? Should we buy hair in bulk from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, or any other wholesale hair vendors? Today, we’ll look at a nation that sells human hair to other countries and learn about the top 2 Cambodian wholesale hair vendors.

Cambodian wholesale hair vendors

Cambodian wholesale hair vendors

1. Reasons to choose Cambodian wholesale hair vendors

Among the numerous additional nations that produce hair are Vietnam, China,… hair sellers continue to favor Cambodian hair. Here are a few justifications for this choice. Let’s examine the advantages of Cambodian wholesale hair vendors.

  • Cambodian wholesale hair vendors provide hair at reasonable prices: When compared to wholesale hair vendors from other nations, Cambodian hair is often the least expensive variety. Women may purchase the hair without hesitation with prices for 8 inches of weft straight hair ranging from 6 to 7 US dollars. As a result, one key reason why consumers prefer to get hair from a factory in Cambodia is the affordable pricing.
  • Cambodian wholesale hair vendors offer hair with various textures: The Cambodian hair factory starts manufacturing after collecting the hair from all throughout the nation. It may be styled into curly, wavy, or kinky pixie cuts from naturally straight hair. According to the needs of the customer, colors can also be added.
Reasons to choose Cambodian wholesale hair vendors

Reasons to choose Cambodian wholesale hair vendors

2. Must-know facts when purchasing hair from Cambodian wholesale hair vendors

Every industry has a trade mark that only a professional can understand. Are you certain of your understanding of the Cambodian hair factory? Now let’s discuss some features of Cambodian hair.

  • Climate change has made Cambodian hair features susceptible: 

Under the hot Cambodian heat, poor mothers care for their children and perform home duties. Nobody wants the scarification of their hair. The majority of the hair collected is short, split, and uneven since the ladies who are so desperately poor sell their hair continually as much as they can. Additionally, the sun’s rays change the color of their hair, which might be copper at the roots but black at the ends. Because it is so coarse, Cambodian hair cannot be completely straightened. If you want perfectly straight hair, particularly hair that is bone straight, you might think about purchasing straight hair from different vendors outside of the Cambodian hair factory.

  • Hair care is lacking since the hair is sourced from impoverished regions

Women who make the difficult decision to sell their hair for a better life are the ones behind the wigs and extensions. Due to 1st-world demand, 3rd-world poverty has forced Cambodian women to sell their hair.

Hair is collect from poor villages

Hair is collect from poor villages

Phnom Penh, the capital city, might be overwhelming since it is teeming with people, brightly colored in terms of textiles, jewelry, clothing, and hair. To see where the hair comes from and the impoverished villages with their muck, dust, and insects, where the ladies clean houses and gather trash, you only need to go an hour or so outside of the capital. In addition to sanitary conditions, power, and water, shampoo and conditioner are premium items in this neighborhood.

The major factors for women to sell their hair are child support and other expenses. They don’t know if the hair can be sold for more money on the global market. “I regret having my hair chopped short. I don’t feel made up,” said a Cambodian lady who exchanged her hair for cheap to a hair vendor.

3. Best 2 Cambodian wholesale hair vendors

The names listed below are the most reliable recommendations if you’re seeking the most reliable Cambodian wholesale hair vendors. Finding the best brand for your company is simple with the help of the information and comparisons provided by each provider.

3.1. Apsara – top Cambodian wholesale hair vendor

The internet store for Apsaras specializes in genuine, high-end virgin hair from Cambodia. Their product portfolio offers a variety of choices such as wholesale weft hair extensions, wigs, wholesale clip in hair extensions,… They are a hair collection, production, and wholesale business situated in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, in addition to their online shop.

Apsara - top Cambodian wholesale hair vendor

Apsara – top Cambodian wholesale hair vendor

They currently do business with clients from the following nations and are constantly searching for new distributors: the United States, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Brazil, and Ghana.

3.3. Virgin Hair Cambodia – top Cambodian wholesale hair vendor

The need on the market for high-quality, ethically produced hair led to the creation of Virgin Hair Cambodia. By providing 100 percent Virgin Remy Cambodian hair that can be verified through our open sourcing procedure and the ethical treatment of donors, VHC seeks to make the hair industry fair for all parties involved.

The majority of hair donors for VHC reside in rural parts of Cambodia where women have little to no chance to make a living. They may support themselves and their family by selling their hair. VHC is aware of how crucial hair is to every woman. Donors of hair can select any length and receive a flattering haircut.

Some facts about Cambodian wholesale hair vendors have been revealed through this post. We hope that after reading this article, you can find the best wholesaler and if not, you can visit our website Best Remy Hair Extension to find the most suitable wholesalers for you.

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