Raw Hair In Bulk: Where To Buy Raw Hair In Bulk?

Of all the forms of hair extensions, Raw Hair is the hairstyle that big hair salons and hair extension enthusiasts always aspire to have in their hair inventory. Given the high demand for raw hair extensions, the market is flooded with wholesale hair vendors. Therefore, this post will help you choose where to buy raw hair in bulk.

Raw hair in bulk

Raw hair in bulk

1. Overview of raw hair in bulk

Knowing the definition and main features of raw hair in bulk are the first things you need to know before continuing to buy them.

1.1. What is raw hair in bulk?

Unprocessed hair that has been collected from a single donor is known as “raw hair.” The hair is immediately wrapped into a bundle after being cut directly from a donor in order to keep all cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction. This hair is the highest grade available because it is entirely natural.

In bulk means in large quantities. Therefore, buying raw hair in bulk means you buy raw hair in large quantities and get a reduced price.

What is raw hair in bulk?

What is raw hair in bulk?

1.2. Raw hair in bulk: features of raw hair

The two most important characteristics of all premium raw hair from wholesale hair suppliers are well-known. The hair is virgin hair wholesale that has never been treated. The second benefit is that raw hair from the best wholesale raw hair vendors is a great replacement for bleached or colored hair because of its purity. For further details, please read the analysis below.

  • To begin with, qualified raw hair is hair that is entirely human and has not been chemically altered or mixed with hair from other species. It is merely cut, washed, collected, then sporadically bleached or colored as buyers choose.
  • Customers will be able to bleach the raw hair to light tones as long as it is qualified and supplied by reliable wholesale raw hair providers. 
Features of raw hair in bulk

Features of raw hair in bulk

2. Comparison of buying raw hair in bulk from 3 biggest exporters – Vietnam, China and India

A lot of people trade in raw hair. The majority of the raw hair sold on the international market is supplied by Asian nations, including Vietnam, China, and India.

  • Raw Vietnamese hair in bulk

The uncut hair is a consequence of the rise in popularity of raw Vietnamese hair in recent years, and commerce in Vietnam is expanding quickly. Raw materials are abundant in Vietnam, which helps with raw hair. The hair comes from healthy rural Vietnamese people. Vietnam hair extensions are perfect for Caucasian or black women since they are manufactured completely of human hair and are smooth, lustrous, and long-lasting. Due to the inherent strength of Vietnamese hair, which is thicker and silkier in colder climates, raw Vietnamese hair is unquestionably the highest quality type of hair available on the market. The gathering process is entirely under the supervision of Vietnamese hair extension producers, who meticulously choose

Raw Vietnamese hair in bulk

Raw Vietnamese hair in bulk

  • Raw Chinese hair in bulk

China has a considerable economic edge due to its enormous industrial base and first-rate logistics infrastructure. Chinese hair dealers have the lowest prices, the quickest shipping, and the rawest hair available. Chinese hair factories are large, specialized manufacturing facilities that create and store hair extensions in bulk at lower labor and production costs.

Chinese raw hair, on the other hand, is frequently created utilizing a combination of hair sources from adjacent countries such as India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Because Chinese raw hair is blended, some of it contains synthetic hair, reducing the shelf life and decreasing the quality.

There are also a handful of con artists that sell Chinese raw hair under false pretenses. Be careful when browsing for Chinese hair extensions.

  • Raw Indian hair in bulk

Since many hair businesses throughout the world acquire their raw materials from India, Indian raw hair extensions are the most popular on the market. Indian raw hair is commonly available and reasonably priced. Indian raw hair collection, however, has a bad image due to unclean collecting methods. There have been instances of Indian hair being cut in unclean circumstances and combined with animal fur. Additionally, India’s unstable political climate may occasionally cause interruptions. An Indian hair merchant may not have a steady supply flow during periods of political unrest, which would be detrimental to their consumers.

Raw Indian hair in bulk 

Raw Indian hair in bulk

Last but not least, if quality is your top concern, choose Vietnamese raw hair since it is the best raw hair available. Raw Chinese hair is a great option if you want incredibly cheap hair, while raw Vietnamese hair is a great option if you want better-quality hair that is still reasonably priced.

3. Top 5 reliable wholesalers supplying raw hair in bulk

We’ll now save you time by listing the top 5 reliable wholesale hair vendors for your consideration.

3.1. K – Hair Factory – top wholesaler supplying raw hair in bulk 

With the bulk of their customers coming from Africa, K- Hair is one of the most  well-known raw Vietnamese hair vendors where you can acquire Vietnamese raw hair in a single drawn grade. This company offers many types of hair products, including wholesale bone straight hair, wholesale weft hair extensions, and wigs,… for customers to choose from. 

K - Hair Factory

K – Hair Factory

K-Hair should be included in your list of dependable Vietnamese wholesale raw hair providers. Because they have many hair professionals on staff, K-Hair can assist you in growing your business.

  • Website: K-hair Factory: #1 Virgin Human Hair For You ! | K-Hair
  • Instagram: the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn

3.2. Ted Hair – top wholesaler supplying raw hair in bulk

TedHair is a reliable partner in the expansion of your beauty company and one of China’s leading wholesale raw hair suppliers. They provide turnkey business solutions to beauty experts and entrepreneurs, superior hair products at the best prices, and exceptional customer service.

Ted Hair primarily offers Brazilian, Indian, and Peruvian hair. Ted Hair is a wonderful alternative for anyone seeking raw hair extensions from Brazil, India, and Peru. Ted Hair, on the other hand, can only be worn for a brief time.

3.3. Temple Hair – top wholesaler supplying raw hair in bulk

The following company on the list of the best wholesale hair suppliers is from India. This hair is made from raw Indian hair that is obtained straight from South Indian temples and exported to numerous locations.

When acquiring Indian hair, we must be more cautious since not all of the hair sold by their top raw hair vendors is genuinely raw hair that cannot be colored. Just be careful to acquire the right wholesale virgin temple hair from the right brand, as you might easily become a victim of fraud.

Temple Hair - top wholesaler supplying raw hair in bulk

Temple Hair – top wholesaler supplying raw hair in bulk

3.4. APSARA – top wholesaler supplying raw hair in bulk 

The next destination is a factory that produces Cambodian hair products. You constantly ask about Cambodian hair and the best raw hair suppliers in the area, so allow me to introduce you to Apsara, a company that sells 100% natural, unmixed, and unprocessed human hair. 

They are among the greatest wholesale hair providers to consider. The problem is, they never employ a single, double or super pull.

3.5. Ideal Hair – top wholesaler supplying raw hair in bulk

This company’s hair is excellent; my client was a customer for three years before switching to Vietnamese hair. As a result, in comparison to many other wholesale hair suppliers, this company’s service is pretty great, and they are always attentive and give you a lot of information.

They have over four years of experience and a strong reputation in the hairdressing industry. The principal exports include Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, closed lace, and hair that is 100% human hair. However, the price is pretty high compared to other suppliers.

This post above has provided you with some interesting things about remy hair in bulk as well as recommended youyou the top 5 wholesalers for you to buy remy hair in bulk. In case, you want to find more information about remy hair in bulk, please visit our website at Best Remy Hair Extensions

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