Raw Vietnamese Hair Factory – Top 3 Raw Vietnamese Hair Vendors

The worldwide hair market, especially in African countries, seems bright. Many hairstylists have become billionaires just by investing in the hair industry. In the hair market, finding a reliable source is crucial. You can choose from the following options: raw Vietnamese hair vendors, Indian hair vendors, Chinese hair vendors, etc. You’ve been selling hair for a long time and want to move to a better hair distributor, or you’re new to the hair industry and want to find a good hair factory at a reasonable price and with the best quality. Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are the best alternative for you. 

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

1. Overview of raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Here are the overview of raw Vietnamese hair vendors

1.1. Raw Vietnamese hair vendors: the large demand for the market

The hair business is developing into a viable sector due to the significant profits it produces. Eighty percent of the current hair market is made up of mid to high-end consumers who prioritize high-quality products. As a result, there is an increase in demand for raw hair in bulk. Many people believe that raw Vietnamese hair is the best product on the market when it comes to quality.

  • Raw Vietnamese hair vendors demand prices per kilogram of quality hair ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than $1,000 USD.
  • Resellers in the European market sell unprocessed Vietnamese hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors to hair salons for ten to twenty times its original price.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair can still be sold for three to five times or more than the initial purchase price in Africa, a continent with a low level of living. Since women in this nation tend to often change their hairstyles, the cost of hair is particularly expensive. Up to 100 to 200 grams of raw Vietnamese hair extensions can cost up to $470.
Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors

This is unquestionably a deal that should not be passed up. Therefore, whether you want to enter the market as a hair seller or if you are a salon owner looking for a long-term partner, you cannot dismiss raw Vietnamese hair.

1.2. Where do raw Vietnamese hair vendors collect the hair?

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors collect the hair from healthy women in Vietnam. It stands out for its sturdiness and inherent silkiness and can be styled in many different ways without damage. A particular variety of Vietnamese hair is raw hair from a factory in Vietnam. Natural virgin hair is cut directly from just one donor. Raw Vietnamese hair from the top Vietnamese hair factory is the ideal material to bleach and dye in a variety of hues.

  • Because the bulk of raw Vietnamese hair vendors and manufacturers are located in the high mountains (cold weather zones), their hair is incredibly strong and silky because it is not affected by sunlight.
  • Eighty percent of the hair utilized by raw Vietnamese hair vendors originates from women aged 18 to 25.
  • As you are aware, the dwellers of the high mountains are in good health and work tirelessly. As a result, the donor’s health and the quality of the virgin hair are inextricably linked. Human hair from the Vietnamese hair factory is extremely robust and long-lasting.
Where do raw Vietnamese hair vendors collect the hair?

Where do raw Vietnamese hair vendors collect the hair?

1.3. Characteristics of hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors

  • The source of Vietnam’s raw hair is widely known: the nation’s highland women. They are young people, 18 to 35 years old, who lead active lifestyles in frigid climes. The Vietnamese raw hair that is collected from these people is therefore of a high standard, having strength, natural color, and purity.
  • As was previously said, the texture of hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors is natural. The hair could maintain its initial texture as a consequence. Furthermore, compared to hair from neighboring markets like Campuchia or India, hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors is regarded to have a better texture. This is a result of the Vietnamese raw hair’s capacity to blend in with its customers’ hair and provide them with a naturally flawless appearance.
  • Hair from raw Vietnamese hair vendors may match a wide range of hair types, from short to thin, because it is smooth and of a medium thickness. Instead of utilizing thick Brazilian hair, you may just use Vietnam raw hair to achieve a more appealing and natural look.

2. Comparison of raw Vietnamese hair vendors with raw Indian and Chinese hair vendors

The world’s three largest suppliers of raw hair, Vietnam, India, and China are contrasted below in terms of production volume, cost, and quality.

Compare Raw Hair Extensions

Compare Raw Hair Extensions

  • Scale production: India and Vietnam have fewer factories than their primary competitor, China, and these factories lack modern production lines.
  • Price: Indian raw hair vendors frequently provide hair items at the lowest prices. China comes next, and finally raw Vietnamese hair vendors.
  • Quality: Raw Vietnamese hair vendors provide products of better quality than those of their two rivals.

3. Top 3 raw Vietnamese hair vendors

If you are a newbie in the hair industry and still do not know where to buy hair in bulk, this post will be for you. Below are the top 3 raw Vietnamese hair vendors:

3.1. K – Hair – best raw Vietnamese hair vendor

K – Hair is said to be Vietnam’s best hair vendor. With more than 30 years of expertise, the K – Hair brand is proud to be among the first and most trusted raw Vietnamese hair vendors among several wholesale hair sellers in Nigeria.

They constantly provide the greatest Vietnamese raw hair quality to countless salons, retailers, distributors, and other manufacturers across the world, … With good services and reasonable prices, K – Hair would be a good choice for anyone who wants to buy raw Vietnamese hair.

K - Hair - best raw Vietnamese hair vendor

K – Hair – best raw Vietnamese hair vendor

You can contact them through the website:

3.2. Unice Hair – top raw Vietnamese hair vendor in Brazil

Unice Hair, a Brazilian company, sells a range of hair extensions. It is known to only give high-quality Vietnam raw hair for a range of hairstyles such as wigs, hair extensions, and Vietnam raw hair weaves. Unice is a raw Vietnamese hair vendor with a thorough awareness of consumer demands. This is one of the raw Vietnamese hair vendors who understand how difficult it is to start a hair business and is concerned about both the quality and profitability of hair extensions.

Unice has Vietnamese raw hair as well as hair extensions that may be fashioned to match any aesthetic. Vietnamese raw hair is generally of good grade.

3.3. Hair Are Us – top raw Vietnamese hair vendor in the USA

Hair Are Us is one of Atlanta’s most well-known raw Vietnamese hair vendors. It was founded in that year. This raw Vietnamese hair vendor has ten years of expertise in the hair business. Although they now have a solid retail foundation, they still spend the majority of their time selling online.

Raw Hair Us also imports and distributes raw hair products from Vietnam. They provide a variety of raw hair bundles, including straight and wavy hair, to Vietnam. This company also focuses on customer happiness and continually enhances the quality of its raw Vietnamese hair.

Here Are Us - top raw Vietnamese hair vendor in the USA

Here Are Us – top raw Vietnamese hair vendor in the USA

General information about raw Vietnamese hair factory is provided on this page. After reading this information, we hope you will be able to make an informed decision when getting hair from a wholesale hair supplier. To find out more about the hair business and to acquire the most current data on retail styling goods, you can also visit your website, Best Remy Hair Extensions.


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