Useful Information About Vietnamese Hair Extensions

The most extravagant product in the hair business has been described as Vietnamese hair extensions. That certainly seems absurd. Not at all, no. Vietnamese hair extensions, which have been in the hair industry for about 10 years, have had a significant impact on hair retailers. If you want to understand more about Vietnamese hair extensions, please read this page!

Useful information about Vietnamese hair extensions

Useful information about Vietnamese hair extensions

1. Overview of Vietnamese hair extensions

I’ll provide you with all the details you really have to understand about Vietnamese hair extensions, including their forms, characteristics, and specs.

1.1. The definition of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are made from hair that would be cut from Vietnamese women, treated into Vietnamese hair extensions, and then sold on the international market.

Vietnam, which has a population of just approximately 100 million, exports many thousands of tonnes of hair annually. Vietnamese hair extensions are still not widely available because of the country’s tiny population, but they are always less expensive than other hair varieties.

The definition of Vietnamese hair extensions

The definition of Vietnamese hair extensions

Women in Vietnam have a practice of growing their hair out long, particularly in highland minority regions. Even some individuals have long hair that reaches the floor. The majority of Vietnamese hair extensions come from this supplier.

1.2. Main hairstyles for Vietnamese hair extensions

Modern technology has increased women’s expectations in terms of appearance. There are currently many different hairstyles for Vietnamese hair extensions that may be produced by Vietnamese hair producers, but only the consumers favor them:

  • Vietnamese bone-straight hair extensions
  • Vietnamese curly hair extensions
  • Vietnamese I tip hair extensions
  • Vietnamese wavy hair extensions

1.3. Main features of Vietnamese hair extensions

The following are some features of Vietnamese hair extensions that have already drawn hair merchants and dealers from across the world:

  • 100% human hair makes up Vietnamese hair extensions. Vietnamese hair is consistently bright and strong because the ethnic mountain people of Vietnam work hard and endure chilly temperatures all year long. Actually, compared to other kinds of hair, Vietnamese hair extensions always seem to be darker.
Main features of Vietnamese hair extensions

Main features of Vietnamese hair extensions

  • There are no knots, sheds, or lice with Vietnamese hair extensions. Vietnamese hair has always been lustrous, smooth, and silky. Vietnamese hair extensions are generally untreated and free of chemicals since the Vietnamese hair business employs a large number of individuals who handle and process them by hand.
  • Vietnamese hair extensions are often purchased and range in length between 8 and 30 inches.

2. How to care for Vietnamese hair extensions

Unlike other hair extensions, Vietnamese hair is unique. It is really difficult to worry about, much like the thickness and coarseness. Whatever kind of Vietnamese hair extensions you select, we’re looking for the best ways to take care of them. Look at what follows! To keep your hair healthy and silky, we’ll provide you with some basic hair care tips:

  • Use a hairbrush or a wide-toothed comb to brush your Vietnamese hair extensions from the roots up. Due to your virgin hair’s extraordinary area, if you must choose the Vietnamese knotted method, you may work close to the scalp. To get rid of a hard snag close to your scalp, simply be careful and brush in a tiny part.
  • Give yourself a mild massage around your scalp to prevent the growth of bacteria and improve blood circulation while also protecting your Vietnamese hair extension. The Vietnamese hair tie allows you to move very freely next to your scalp. Do not dismiss a thorough cleaning, however gentle it may be.
How to care for Vietnamese hair extensions?

How to care for Vietnamese hair extensions?

  • When it’s feasible, screw your dried hair and just let it air dry. Vietnamese hair extensions are renowned for their softness, naturalness, and texture. Following bathing with little to no hair products, it will recover.
  • Following each shampoo with a hydrating conditioner and deep conditioning every two to four weeks. The Vietnamese hair extensions will respond to thorough conditioning, mend the follicle, and also regain the degree of smoothness and luster because it is composed of 100% human natural hair.

3. K – Hair Factory Vietnam – The biggest wholesaler of Vietnamese hair extensions

There are several Vietnamese hair factories that provide Vietnamese hair extensions in bulk. However, there aren’t many factories that can produce goods of this caliber. When selecting to spend money in the hair industry using Vietnamese hair extension retail items, hair merchants must exercise great caution. In this post, we want to introduce K – Hair Factory Vietnam. 

Customers in Africa and Europe are highly familiar with the K – Hair brand name. With several years of industry expertise, it grows gradually by creating a team of exceptional professionals and basing its growth on the caliber of the products they produce. They are regarded as one of the top-tier, well-known hair businesses in Vietnam, and they hold complete company registration permits and certifications.

K - Hair Factory Vietnam

K – Hair Factory Vietnam

In addition, they have a large number of hair sellers from throughout the globe. Owning a factory strengthens K – Hair’s competitive edge, enabling them to offer reliable items at the best pricing currently available in Vietnam. You can also place orders with them extremely rapidly.

You can contact them through:

With this article above, we hope that you have an insight into Vietnamese hair extensions. If you want to know more about Vietnamese hair extensions as well as many hair extensions from other countries in the world, please visit our website at Best Remy Hair Extension.


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