Vietnamese Blonde Hair: A Trendy Hairstyle 

Vietnam has always had the most fashionable golden hair. It might be claimed that practically everyone finds it amusing, irrespective of age or race. Due to the state of the hair market, many hair makers and dealers are now selling Vietnamese blonde hair. In this post, we’ll learn more about Vietnamese blonde hair.


1. Overview of Vietnamese blonde hair

Here is general information about Vietnamese blonde hair

1.1. The definition of Vietnamese blonde hair

Before knowing what Vietnamese blonde hair is, the first thing you need to know is the definition of Vietnamese hair. First of all, Vietnamese ladies are renowned for having naturally silky and healthy hair. Vietnamese women who reside in hilly areas where it is chilly and also where the hair is poor supply the hair for Vietnamese hair manufacturers. Their hair is therefore shielded from the light and doesn’t separate at the ends.

Vietnamese blonde hair can be any of a variety of less appealing shades, such as blonde highlights, caramel blonde, butterscotch blonde, frosting blonde, and others (but still look gorgeous). Additionally, it goes beyond the light-to-dark spectrum. Yellow, brown, and rose gold are just a few of the many colors that blonde hair can be, and it always stands out.

1.2. Types of Vietnamese blonde hair

Any hairdo that is good enough to bleach and color can be given a blonde tone. The following are a few of the most well-known vendors of blonde hair in Vietnam:

Types of Vietnamese blonde hair

Types of Vietnamese blonde hair

  • Vietnamese blonde hair weft
  • Vietnamese blonde hair tape in
  • Vietnamese blonde hair weft bone-straight.
  • Vietnamese blonde hair weft clip in

1.3. Quality of Vietnamese blonde hair

Since blonde is such a vivid color, you will need to bleach your hair’s natural extensions if they are black in color, like black or brown, in order to obtain a true blonde appearance. As a result, it’s important to get high-quality hair pieces for Vietnamese blonde hair. You are advised to choose between two types.

  • Virgin hair is human hair that is entirely natural and has never undergone any chemical changes. The greatest human hair available is virgin hair. Although this hairstyle is more costly than remy hair, it is a great investment because it lasts longer. Blonde virgin human wigs were made in Vietnam from virgin donors. This shows that the hair has not once suffered chemical processing and comes from donors who have thick, healthy hair. The greatest hair products offered by the increased number of raw hair suppliers ever are made of virgin hair. Virgin hair is devoid of damaged ends and gray hairs since it originates from younger women. When selecting virgin hair, contributors must have thick, complete, and healthy human hair.
Quality of Vietnamese blonde hair

Quality of Vietnamese blonde hair

  • Remy hair extensions have become the most widely used human dreadlocks in the marketplace because of their superior quality and affordable price. High-quality remy hair blends in flawlessly with your real hair and could last up for a year. Remy hair is characterized as having all of its terminals intact and flowing uniformly. If all of the hair strands are pointing in the same direction, there will be almost no tangling or matting. The cuticles of real, high-quality remy hair are straight from root to end, and the hair is healthy.

2. The proper way to take care of Vietnamese blonde hair

Given how meticulously Vietnamese blonde hair is maintained, you should give them extra attention. Here are a few pointers:

  • Use shampoos and conditioners made specifically for blond and colored hair…
  • Keep as far away from the scorching sun as you can. In addition to the chemical treatment, overheating your hair can seriously harm it and reduce its luster.
  • Select the proper oil for hair upkeep. Oils are beneficial to your health, but how they are produced is crucial. Blondes should stay away from all non-water soluble oils.
The proper way to take care of Vietnamese blonde hair

The proper way to take care of Vietnamese blonde hair

  • You should spend less time washing your hair. This procedure ensures that the natural oils that feed your hair are not depleted. You might add the step of finishing each hair wash with a cool rinse to your routine. Your hair will continue to look shiny and bright as a result.

3. Where should I buy Vietnamese blonde hair?

The hair industry has increasingly become bigger and bigger. In Vietnam alone, there are many Vietnamese hair factories that have appeared in just a short time. In today’s article, we want to provide you with a trustworthy factory that has many experiences selling Vietnamese blonde hair. The company I mention is K – Hair Factory Vietnam. 

Established in the 1990s, K- Hair Factory is proud to rank among the top hair providers in Vietnam. The producer guarantees to provide products of the same high caliber for hair extensions as well. K-Hair Vietnam has been hailed as the most dependable hair distributor in several countries, from Africa to Europe, with more than 1500 committed hair dealers worldwide.

Where should I buy Vietnamese blonde hair?

Where should I buy Vietnamese blonde hair?

The K-Hair Factory abides by the company’s motto, “Quality is King,” by promising to provide customers with the best hair value at the most unbelievable wholesale price. In order to enhance the manufacturing process and please even the most discerning customers, K-Hair Factory also frequently upgrades and innovates its factory’s equipment and procedures.


Here is some fascinating information regarding Vietnamese blonde hair. If you have any more questions regarding hairstyles or hair products, please contact us via our website at Best Remy Hair Extension.

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