Vietnamese Virgin Hair – The Best Wholesaler of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Vietnamese retail virgin hair suppliers are in a growing market all over the world considering Vietnamese virgin hair is now the right type of hair available. This article will describe how to maintain Vietnamese virgin hair as well as provide you with the name of a reputable Vietnamese virgin hair distributor.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair - The Best Wholesaler of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Vietnamese Virgin Hair – The Best Wholesaler of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

1. Overview of Vietnamese virgin hair

First and foremost, you need to know some general information about Vietnamese virgin hair, including its definition and its main features.

1.1. What is Vietnamese virgin hair?

The most costly hair in Vietnam is virgin hair, which is taken from a living human head. Vietnamese virgin hair with a similar grade, matched cuticle is becoming more and more difficult to locate. Vietnamese virgin hair vendors consistently produce the highest-quality Vietnam virgin hair products based on the following criteria: the softness of virgin hair in Vietnam; financial reporting and record-keeping assistance of virgin hair in Vietnam; nice color uniformity of virgin hair in Vietnam, and high durability. To increase your choice of Vietnamese hair, you could research Vietnamese remy hair, which is also fairly popular. Virgin hair from Vietnam is likewise very well-liked.

Since it hasn’t been styled, Vietnamese virgin hair is sold to companies that produce virgin hair extensions. Vietnam virgin hair has such great quality that it may be used to manufacture additional types of extensions.

What is Vietnamese virgin hair?

What is Vietnamese virgin hair?

1.2. Main features of Vietnamese virgin hair

100% virgin hair from Vietnam, single donors only: Vietnamese raw virgin hair extensions keep their natural color despite coming from multiple donors. All of the hair cuticles are lined up. Few people mix their hair colors. All of the hair supplies are provided by the native Vietnamese women who reside in the highlands. In actuality, there are a variety of hair quality levels, so you need to understand more to ensure you can tell them apart.

Vietnamese virgin hair extensions may be warmed, colored, and cut just like your own natural hair. Once more, it is advised to use a moderate flame and a heat-protectant spray. For example, making lovely draping rips is usually a simple chore. If they suffer heat damage, the quality and integrity of the virgin hair extensions will progressively deteriorate. Remember that if you dye your hair, your virgin fake hair would no longer be virgin as your tresses were chemically altered. Furthermore, with regular hair maintenance, Vietnamese virgin hair extensions may be used for up to 4-5 years.

2. The right way to take care of Vietnamese virgin hair

Comb your Vietnamese virgin hair frequently to remove the extra oil and give it a shining, healthy appearance. Allow your Vietnamese virgin hair to be free for a minimum of 4 hours each day. Both the scalp’s discomfort and blood flow are improved. When cleaning the Vietnamese virgin hair extension forcefully, there may be considerable shedding.

The right way to take care of Vietnamese virgin hair

The right way to take care of Vietnamese virgin hair

While washing your hair with cold water closes the pores, the hair’s epidermis remains unaffected. When washing the Vietnamese virgin hair extension, avoid using shampoo on your head; alternatively, soak the hair and wash your hands with water that has foam in it. After that, massage the oil through your hair for five to ten minutes. Please be advised that during this stage, you should just gently scrape. After that, you should dry your hair. The hair is more prone to tangling after bathing, and using a creamy brush on it would usually result in hair loss. Instead, use a tiny brush or your fingertips to stroke and massage your hair.

A split end in a hair denotes injury to the epithelial tissue or the destruction of the outer side of the defense, either at the ends of the hair or anywhere on the body. In this case, clip the hair before choosing the right shampoo to prevent damage. It is not recommended to directly subject Vietnamese virgin hair extensions to extreme temps using the sun or a hairdryer.

3. A trustworthy supplier of Vietnamese virgin hair

K-Hair Factory, a wholesale Vietnamese virgin hair supplier with 30 years of expertise in hair manufacture, is ranked first among top raw Vietnamese hair suppliers. K-Hair can manage a variety of hairstyles, colors, and numbers because it is a manufacturer rather than a retail virgin hair vendor, including Vietnamese weft hair, Vietnamese frontal, Vietnamese wigs, Vietnamese wavy hair, ponytails,… Virgin hair is offered by South African wholesalers in a range of thicknesses and patterns. For wholesalers, they are the main supplier of virgin hair.

A trustworthy supplier of Vietnamese virgin hair

A trustworthy supplier of Vietnamese virgin hair


In conclusion, Vietnamese virgin hair of high quality deserves to be a suitable choice for anyone. If you want to get more information about this style of hair, feel free to visit our website at Best Remy Hair Extension.


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