Wholesale Remy Hair Extension – Where To Buy Wholesale Remy Hair Extension?

Wholesale remy hair extensions remain the top choice for businesses, despite the rising trend of various hairstyles. Since they are such an important element, every business or individual is looking for premium wholesale remy hair extensions. Consider the following data right away to discover how to locate a dependable provider to employ their services and create a long-term alliance.

Wholesale remy hair extension

Wholesale remy hair extension

1. Overview of the wholesale remy hair extension

The most important product in the rising hair industry is wholesale remy hair extension. Notably, wholesale remy hair extensions are ranked #1 in hair extensions and has been the women’s first choice. Here are the most important facts regarding wholesale remy hair extension products that you should be aware of!

1.1. What is the wholesale remy hair extension?

Wholesale remy hair extensions are taken up carefully from the crucial to the top of the head. It is rearranged strain by strain and it’s the real hair of one or more donors’ lives.

Even remy hair that hasn’t been coloured or permed might have gone through some sort of steam processing, a feature that separates wholesale remy hair extensions from some of the other types of remy hair.

1.2. Main types of wholesale remy hair extension

You should be familiar with the four primary varieties of wholesale remy hair extensions listed below in order to select the best one for your business:

  • Remy hair extensions weft
  • Remy hair extension tape in
  • Remy hair extension clip in
  • Ponytail remy hair extension
Main types of wholesale remy hair extension

Main types of wholesale remy hair extension

2. Main characteristics of wholesale remy hair extension

When it comes to wholesale remy hair extensions’ traits, there are four to consider. They concern hair supply, bleaching and coloring ability, durability, and styling.

  • Wholesale remy hair extension supplier:

As previously said, wholesale remy hair extensions are composed of human hair. It is a blend of at least two people’s hair. In general, the quality is satisfactory. However, not every hair provider can guarantee a certified source. Because the hair type of inhabitants in each nation differs, human hair does not always have the same quality level.

For example, while the hair of Vietnamese people is of great quality in contrast to that of all wholesale hair vendors worldwide due to healthy diets, pleasant lives, and mild weather, the hair of Indian people is rather dry, curly, and easily split due to hot weather, and so on.

Furthermore, because wholesale remy hair extensions are mixed hair, no one can tell if they are blended with animal hair or processed from non-remy hair just by looking at them. Only those with industry experience can tell the difference. As a result, you should exercise caution when inspecting the hair source.

Sources of wholesale remy hair extension

Sources of wholesale remy hair extension

  • Is it okay to bleach and color Remy hair extensions? The answer is unequivocal yes. However, because the hair is mixed, the coloring and bleaching abilities cannot be regarded as exceptional. You should color your hair using fundamental tones to achieve the final outcomes. If you want to bleach your hair to 613 hues, you should go for a virgin hair extension.
  • Wholesale remy hair extension durability: Because wholesale remy hair extension is human hair, its durability is excellent. If the hair is properly cared for and kept in good shape, it can last up to 5 years! When it comes to selling wholesale hair extensions, what a steal!
  • Human hair hairstyles for wholesale remy hair extension: Because of the high quality of wholesale remy hair extensions, you may create a variety of hairstyles such as wholesale i tip hair extensions, bone straight hair, clip in hair extensions,… You may utilize wholesale remy hair to get any popular haircut on the market, from non-colored to colored hair, straight to curly hair, and so on. Bone straight hair, body wavy hair, and afro kinky hair are the top three trendy styles you may consult right now.

3. Compare 3 biggest suppliers of wholesale remy hair extension: Vietnam, China and India

Vietnam, China and India are the largest suppliers of wholesale remy hair extensions in the world. So here are some basic comparisons of the products from 3 countries.

Comparison 3 biggest suppliers of wholesale remy hair extension

Comparison 3 biggest suppliers of wholesale remy hair extension


Fresh, silky, tint, smooth, sleek, glossy, sparkling, lasting, no kink, and no shed are just a few of the attributes of the design of Vietnam wholesale remy hair extensions. When you buy hair in bulk from China, you will get longer, heavy, shadowy, high humidity items.

A growing number of companies are using Vietnamese suppliers of remy hair extensions, in accordance with the popular hair buying trend. Because of the prestigious and expert service offered, which includes product counseling, delivery options, and payment ways, as well as the outstanding quality of such Vietnamese Remy natural hair structure.

4. Top 2 hair factories providing wholesale remy hair extension 

After all, the final step is to locate a specific wholesale hair seller. After years in the hair industry, we are confident in presenting the top 2 major names below.

4.1. K – Hair – top hair factory providing wholesale remy hair extension from Vietnam

K-Hair is the number one wholesale remy hair extension factory in Vietnam. K-Hair has been in the industry for decades and is known for providing the greatest hair quality at the most inexpensive pricing. It is also well-known for providing excellent customer service. 

K - Hair - top hair factory providing wholesale remy hair extension from Vietnam

K – Hair – top hair factory providing wholesale remy hair extension from Vietnam


4.2. Ted Hair – top hair factory providing wholesale remy hair extension from China

Ted Hair is the first wholesale hair factory in China. It is a premium Chinese hair producer that offers high-quality hair goods and services to wholesale hair distributors, vendors, salons, and online store owners worldwide. Hair Factory Warehouses are located in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Houston, Chicago, New York, and Virginia. 


  • Website:
  • Instagram: tedhairfactory

Here are basic things you need to know about wholesale remy hair extension. For further information, feel free to visit our website Best Remy Hair Extension

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